Voteamas Com 2022 Know How To Vote! 2022 will discuss how to vote in your favorite category, the nominees, and when the voting window opens.

Did you know that the American Music Awards celebrates its 50th anniversary? Are you ready to vote for your favorite category? Do you know how to vote? Are you aware of when the award will air on TV?

After the announcement of the nomination, people across India and the United States are excited. The voting window is now open and everyone has the chance to vote for the best. We’ll answer some questions via our post- Voteamas 2022.

When was Nomination Announced?

Tuesday 13 October 2022: The nominations for AMAs were announced. Voting is open until 14 November at 11:59:59 PT for all 37 categories.

For K-pop, however, voters must wait until November 1st to vote.

These nominations were made using data from September 2021 through September 2022.

American Music Awards (AMAs), which were established in 1972, is now celebrating its 50th anniversary and hosting its 50th AMAs. The awards show will be broadcast live from the Microsoft Theatre in New York on November 20th.

How do I vote for AMAs – Voteamas com 2020? and Twitter allow you to vote for your favorite category.

You must add your name and category to your Twitter account in order to vote via Twitter.

Six new categories were created this year:

  • Favourite rock song
  • Favorite rock album
  • Favorite K-pop artist
  • Favorite music
  • Favorite Afrobeats artist
  • Favorite touring artist

Some nominees are:

Fans are overwhelmed by the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists. This year, many artists were nominated for more than four categories. In such circumstances, it will be hard for them to choose among their favorite artists. Let’s take a look at some artists you can vote for via 2022this.

Bad Bunny received 8 nominations in a separate category. Beyonce received 6 nominations

  • Nominations for the Weeknd 5
  • Drake nominations
  • Nominations for Taylor Swift 6
  • Harry Styles 5 Nominations
  • Adele 5 nominations


Nearly a month is left for the announcement of the best musical talent, and fans have begun voting. All nominees for the AMAs are congratulated and we wish them all the best. Click here to vote for your favorite artist across different categories.

Voteamas com 2022: Whom will you vote for? Leave a comment below if your eagerly awaiting AMAs.

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