Volker Luke Chase Who is Volker Luke?

This article will assist you understand that famous article by the famous Volker Luke Chase. Find all the relevant details here.

Do you love models? Are you interested in learning about unique models? In this regard it is important to be aware of Luke Volker. Luke Volker is a famous model and you can follow him as an individual model.

Are you following him on social media platforms such as Instagram? The actor will be through his Instagram account under the name of Volker Luke Chase and followedby numerous people from countries such as those of the United Kingdom, the United States and more. Have you been following the latest reports about his life?

Who is Volker Luke?

The model is that is based at New York. He has been involved in numerous projects, as stated by model.com. His appearance is distinctive with a height of 187 centimeters with dark brown hair.

He’s been involved in recent work on film productions by Jo DiNozzi and Darien DeMaria that was titled A Sketch of New York. In the past two years, he’s also been to California as well as Cape Town.

Volker Luke Chase :

For additional details about Volker Lukeis available, the actor did have one of his girlfriends, Charlbi; unfortunately, she passed away on Monday the 29th of August. His profile is on IMDb however it is not popular and does not contain film credits. In the event of the death of his lover she left him with 11 credits on screen. It is possible this was due to her love’s death.

Volker Luke’s love affair with girlfriend Charlbi Dean Kriek

Volker Luke and Charlbi have been together since the year 2000. Charlie was just finishing his most recent film, A Triangle of Sadness A Triangle of Sadness, a dark comedy film produced by a renowned director. Ruben Stlund was an Swedish filmmaker.

As per the Instagram account of Volker Luke Chase of Volker the couple was seen together in their hometown of Cape Town in South Africa and started their relationship in the year 2018.

Who is Charlbi Dean Kriek:

Charlbi started her modeling career at the age of just 6. After that, she was assigned to Alfa Model Management at the age of 12. She also had signed with IMG Model Agency, which was a modeling agency located in New York, and also with an agency that focused on vision located in Los Angeles. She was an actor and model from South African actor and model.

Charlbi as well as Luke Volker became engaged in February 2022 as per an Instagram post posted by Luke Volker. She died from an illness that struck her within New York City, which was unplanned.

Volker Luke Chase ‘s Instagram post:

According to the Instagram post by Luke Volker after the death of his girlfriend, he wrote an obituary and also wrote about his recent film triangular of sorrow.

Following the post, he quickly received 11 credits for screen time because there were lots of condolence messages as well as well wishes for the passing of his girlfriend.


We can conclude that Charlbi was able to make her lover Luke Volker proud after her passing due to the fact that he had huge fan bases and gained fame because of her passing. In the end, the passing of his girlfriend brought him more fame. To find out more information about Luke Volker you can visit

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