Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army {March 2022} Check The Death Detail

Find out more information about Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army, the most recent news regarding the death of Vitaly Gerasimov and his confirmation from different sources.

Gerasimov was involved at The Second Chechen War, Russian military operations during the war in Syria, Russian annexation of Crimea as well as the Russian attack on Ukraine. Gerasimov was a 2007 graduate of the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He was a member of the Russian Ground Forces between 1995 to 2022.

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Vitalii Petrovich Gerasimov can also be popularly known as Vitaly Gerasimov. Gerasimov was born on the 9th of July 1977. Gerasimov was first deputy commander for the 41st Combined Arms Army and as the chief of staff.

Gerasimov death:

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence announced that Gerasimov was killed on the 7th March 2022 during a fight in the east Ukrainian city Kharkiv. On the 8th of March 2022 the Ukrainian defence department announced the audio recording of a telephone call with two Russian Russian Federal Security Service(FBS) officers regarding Gerasimov’s death. Gerasimov.

Information about Vitaly Gerasimov’s death. Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army:

Russia faced logistical problems, and its military communications system was not functioning. In the end, the communications of two FBS officers occurred via an unsecure network the regular SIM card mobile phone. This led to the Ukrainian military being able to access conversations between Russian troops.

One of two FBS officers asked if they could utilize the secure Era system, a costly digital phone technology that will be introduced in 2021 and is certain to function in any scenario. The boss, Dmitry Shevchenko, replied to the officer that the Era system was not functioning.


It was reported that the demise of Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army came when Ukraine was demonstrating a strong resistance; Volodymyr Zelenskiy kept up the trust of the viewers by broadcasting videos showing of him being in Ukraine and that he was fighting until the end. missiles of Australia getting to Ukraine and in addition to the US allies trying disengage Russia.

If the report of Gerasimov’s demise is confirmed, he’d become the 2nd general of the 41st Combined Arms Army to die within a week of Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky, the deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army, was declared to be dead through Russian media.

Sources of confirmation:

It is important to note that the Russian defence ministry didn’t publicly confirm that the body of Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army. Furthermore, US officials were not able to declare the passing of Gerasimov in any way, and CNN stated that it was not able to verify Gerasimov’s death Gerasimov independently. Only Ukraine declared that it confirmed the death through an Russian Source.


Gerasimov was an experienced soldier in the military. Gerasimov began his career in the Russian Army in the year 1995. He was promoted to the rank of colonel in October of 2013, and then a rise to commander. In 2016 he was appointed to the an 41st Combined Arms Army command. So, the Gerasimov’s death Gerasimov is seen as a major loss to Russian army. Russian army.

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