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Death of Victor Bout

According to an online source, Victor Bout was a military official within the Soviet Union. He was sentenced for up to 25 years by the US since he was accused with conspiring to kill Americans. He also was found guilty of exporting missiles as well as supporting an organization involved in illicit activities. He is also called the”merchant of death.

Bout was also known by a nickname, Sanctions Buster. On March 6, 2008. Bout was taken into custody on the 6th March 2008 in Thailand with the help of Thai Police with the cooperation of American Authorities. However, many claimed that they had released Bout. Many people are interested in knowing Viktor Bout’s net worth 2022.

Net Worth of Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout has a net worth of $50 million. According to a source online the man was known to traffic weapons worth millions of dollars. He brought guns across Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Africa. His birth date was the 13th of January 1967.

He served in the Soviet Armed Forces after graduating from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages and also served as an Russian Military officer. In addition to his native Russian language, he’s proficient of Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, English, and French. Thus, Bout also got the chance to serve as the translator to his country’s Soviet Army. He was later discharged in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Viktor Bout Merchant Death

Merchant of Death is the name given to Viktor Bout. According to an online source it is believed that he earned the nickname due to his involvement in the arms trade and conspired to murder US officials and US citizens. Between 1996 and 1998, he tried to transport various kinds of weapons. The year 2004 was the time that Bout founded an airline business in Tajikistan. The motive behind it was carry on his activities of money laundering. At the time the company was supplying weapons to various groups in Africa. He also delivered the air-launched missiles used in Kenya in order to target and destroy Israeli aircraft. Through all of his activities, Viktor Bout Nicknamebecame well-known in the role of Viktor Bout Nickname, the Merchant of Death.

Bout’s property was confiscated by executive order after Bout was arrested for money laundering charges. Following his arrest, Bout his Criminal Court in Bangkok passed a verdict that was in the favor of Bout. However, an appeal filed by the US was able to overturn the decision which resulted in Bout’s extradition to the US. Bout in the US. After the decision to extradite Bout however, the Russian government resisted the extradition.

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Due to his involvement in illicit actions and various conspiracies against government officials in the US Government, Viktor was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Viktor Bout’s Merchant Death became famous for his actions in opposition to and against the US government. Even though the Russian government was there to support his cause, it was not able to assist him. For more information you can visit the website

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