Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral: What was shown on the Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Video

To find out more about Video Kebaya Merah Yan Lagi Viral, read exclusive information.

The viral video “Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi”, which had more than 2,000,000 viewers, 91K likes, and over 2,100 comments, went viral. If we add other Worldwide social media platforms, the count will increase.

Did you know that the video was shot in Indonesia? The Bali police are currently investigating both of them. Let’s find out all about Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral.

Unexpected facts about Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi viral Video:

“Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi” means “another red Kebaya”. Kebaya is an Indonesian traditional dress that is beautiful and respectful. In recent years, however, red Kebaya has been viewed as vulgar. The viral sensation of an air hostess in a red Kebaya began with a sensational viral clip. Similar videos now have the title “another Red Kebaya”.

This viral video went viral on Friday, November 4th-2022. It is clear that the video was intended for adults.

  • The Viral Yandex populated result for /video-206063277_456239399 on one of the blogging websites that showed the full 16-minute uncensored video.
  • From the beginning, the woman in Indonesia (a hotel made) wore black eye masks.
  • From the beginning, the video featured a man in a towel and a gold eye mask.
  • When the actors were role-playing, there was no movement from the camera. It indicated that the third person wasn’t there.
  • They may be friends; they could be in a relationship or a couple who agree to film the video for money.
  • The video plot was planned. The man was performing physical acts, and the made was to clean up the room.

What was shown on the Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Video:

To deliver an ashtray, a made visited a guest room in a hotel. The made was ready to go after placing the ashtray on a table. The man then asks her to clean up the water on the ground.

The man knelt on the ground and uses a towel to wash his hands. The video was shared via messaging platforms like Telegram. The video shows the woman sitting in stress and the man attacking her.

YouTube videos showed only images and proper senses of the original video. Two links to videos on adult sites were available from one page.’s video data is private and specific to users. On TikTok, and other social media platforms, there were videos that were censored. shared the viral video’s news with more than eight users, including:

  • r/Lomdi_Freakky/
  • r/Toronto_News/
  • u/frostman2345/
  • r/kuriii/
  • r/the_recenttimes/
  • r/roolling_Stone/
  • r/Bug_USA/
  • r/Usa_Wibes/

The Reddit pages didn’t include the original or uncensored video. The original video is about 50MB in size. pages redirected viewers towards YouTube pages, including /FefjkgExt3w.

Conclusion: only featured news about “Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi”. accounts directed users to redundant websites, while others redirected them to YouTube channels with censored photos-in-video. accounts provided links to /film–bokep from grown-up websites, while data regarding red Kebaya remained confidential.

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