Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 (February) Check The Schedule & Oher Facts!

Here we’ve gathered the most recent updates on this year’s Victor Open 2022 Leaderboard to provide you with an accurate picture of the current state of the sport.

Are you cheering on your favourite Golfer at the Victorian Open? No matter if you are from Australia or United Kingdom, or wherever else in all over the world, are a golfer and are excited to learn about the standings of your most loved golfer.

Everyone in the golf community is waiting all year to play in this event. This is why we’ve provided all the information regarding the Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 This is because it is the most popular topic in the world of golf.

All About Victorian Open

Victorian open is an Australian Golf tournament that was established in 1957. It is a ranking event for Golf Australia and is organized by Golf Victoria. It was an all-male event until 1988, when the female-only Victorian Open was founded. After that, it was every year until in 1992, women’s event was cut off for twenty long years.

In 2012, the Women’s Victoria Open made its return as a member of the Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour. In our research on Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 We discovered that in 2012 both the men’s and the women’s tournaments began being jointly played.

The tournament’s tagline expresses the concept in a prominent way, as it states, “Men and women. on the same course. The course is also open to play at the same time. To be able to win the same prize.” The event is played at the 13th Beach Golf Links. Every year, the tournament is played in February early, and the 2022 version of the tournament will be played from 10th-13th of February.

The times for the tournament are

  • February 11- 7.15 am to 6.30 pm
  • February 12- 7.15 am to 7.07 pm
  • February 13- 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 for Men

Another interesting aspect in this event is the fact that amateurs and professionals can take part. In the men’s leaderboard, John Lyras, a native of the United States, is in the highest position. He is an amateur-turned-professional player, and his best ranking is 950.

Right behind Lyras stands Dimitrios Papadatos. The 30-year-old professional is of Greek descent as well as playing in the professional ranks of golf for 10 years at the moment.

  • John is an amateur who is in third position in the top three spots. The next few places are filled by Marchesani A. Martin, Z. Murray, M. Fraser and M. Fraser, respectively.

Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 for Women

The women’s leaderboard from this tournament is quite impressive. If we examine this leaderboard, we can see that all three top places were held by South Korean Professional golfers. The top spot is held by South Korean player Park Hee-young. The 34-year-old professional began her career in 2004.

The second and third spots are held by Choi Hye-Jin as well as Ryu So Yeon in the respective third and second places. Some other names that are on the leaderboard include Leona Maguire Lienna Storm Su oh and more.


We know that many golfers are keen to know how to read the Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 to understand the current standing of players to fully enjoy the sport. Visit this page for more information about the Victoria Open. Also, share your thoughts on us by leaving a comment.

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