Vashon Strawberry Festival 2022 {July} Get The Full Information!

You want to learn more about the Vashon Strawberry Festival 2022. Continue reading to learn all about the event.

Are you familiar with the Strawberry Festival? The information below will help you learn more about the Strawberry Festival. The news about the Strawberry festival this year has gone viral in the United States.

Vashon Strawberry Fest 2022 allows you to know that this festival is a huge celebration of Vashon Island Community. The festival offers a variety of activities that can be done during the weekend.

What’s the latest?

The Vashon Chamber hosted the Strawberry Festival. The festival features a Beverage Garden, where you can enjoy cider, wine, or beer. This is only for 21+. You can also enjoy yourself at designated areas on the stage. Since 2008, the festival has featured music bookings.

Vashon Ferry Schedule helps you to know that the Fauntleroy Ferry is open from 12:00 to 11:00 on Sunday through Saturday. You can find information on the internet about the events and activities that will take place throughout the week.

It is also worth noting that Fauntleroy Ferry has two stations. One departs Fauntleroy Ferry while the other departs Vashon Island. This year’s lineup is going to be exciting and everyone will love it. People who enjoy singing and dancing should prepare.

Important points Vashon Fery Schedule :

  • The Schedule will feature both Vashon as well as Seattle bands.
  • The bands will perform on July 16 from 12 to 11:30 PM, while the July 17th concert will take place from 11 to 3:30 PM.
  • The Street will remain closed on July 15, 16, 17, and 17, to allow for more space for restaurants and shops.
  • On July 17th, a car parade will be held. The car show starts at 10:30 AM.
  • Lady C and the Lowdown, two well-known bands from Seattle, will be there to grace the occasion.

Views by people on Vashon Strawberry Festival 2022 :

The Vashon Strawberry Festival is a week-long event that is described on the internet as being fun and full of many events.

It is also worth noting that many famous and well-known brands will be there.

The bottom line:

It is evident that people are excited about the events, especially the Strawberry Festival, which has been going for 14 years. This article provided all details about the event, including the date and the time. Your views? Vashon Strawberry Festival 2022 ? Let us know in the comments.

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