Vampire Survivors Secrets {Aug} Get The Full Game Strategy

Check out this Vampire Survivors Secrets article to learn the latest cheat codes for secret codes as well as details about a brand new character called Big Trousers.

We wish all the gamers from Vampire survivors. Are you a lover of the game survivor? Are you aware that the game has been updated with brand new characters and cheat codes? If you’re looking to learn the characters and codes we will give you the information for the game.

VampireSurvivors has built an enormous fan base across Europe, the United States and Germany. The game was like a breeze between players who prefer to play Roguelike survival games. After extensive research we’ve discovered new information about the game that reveal Vampire Survivors Secrets.

Vampire survivors

Vampire survivors is an action game which revolves around shooting and running to survive. The game is owned by the video game actor Luca Galante, famous as Poncle who created the game in the month of December 2021. The game’s creator released a new update on August 4, for players.

A brand new patch,0.10.0 was released, which includes two new characters: the Big Trousers as well as Cosmo Pavone. Poncle has dubbed the update ” The Not One”. A couple of new features, including weapons arcana, and cheats were made accessible to players. We will go into more detail on how the Vampire Survival Updatewas developed.

Details about the brand new character

The big trousers, a brand new character that would be loved by gold-farmers playing the game. There is a saying “Master all 16 accessories of The Moonglow”. If you’re aware of Moonglow it is possible to explore it in a short amount of time. The players get all 16 items at beginning of the race. You will need to unlock your character once you’ve secured it using weapons.

Make your way to Arcana The XX- Silent Old Sanctuary to make your life easier while you level. You’ll need to utilize the passive items in Moonglow’s starting stage, then it becomes easy.

Let’s shine the light onto Vampire Survivors Secretsto find out about cheat codes and the best way to unlock these codes.

We’ll give you an overview of cheat codes as well as an explanation of how it works and provides the result. Take a look at the list below:

Joke cheats

  • Spinncauses the screen to turn clockwise for 720 degrees.

Cheats for Stage

  • Peakgamedesign = Unlock Boss Rash Stage.
  • Dotgogreenacres equals Unlock the Green Acres Stage plus hyper mode
  • Honesty = Unlock Moongolow’s stage hyper mode
  • Relaxenjoylife=Unlock II Molise stage + hyper mode
  • Rottingpizza = Unlock Bone Zone Stage + hyper mode

More about Vampire Survivors Secrets

Let’s look at some additional secret cheat codes for your character and put us feel at ease enjoying the game. Check out the listbelow:

  • Second development = Unlock Gyorunton and Bracelet
  • Ablasphemousmockery = Unlock Red Dead.
  • Iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme = Unlock Leda
  • Flodinthechesse = Unlock Minnah
  • Yattapanda = Unlock Yatta Cavalio + Cherry bomb
  • Pinociampino = Unlock Peppino
  • The Earrivatolarrotion means unlock Big Trouser Candybox
  • Fettinepanate is the key ingredient to Unlock Boon Marrabbio
  • High Five = Unlock Gains Boros
  • Ihovistoio = Unlock Cosmo Pavone


Within the Vampire Survivors Secrets article, we’ve provided you with the latest secrets of the game as well as the codes. You can get some additional codes from the link below. Click here to get more details.

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