Vampire Survivors Pentagram {Oct 2022} Know Weapon Details!

This web site contains all the data a lamia Survivors player must comprehend lamia Survivors pentacle.

This is a replacement era in recreation and technology. that is your favorite? square measure Vampires appealing to you? square measure you an admirer of lamia shows? this text can inform its readers a couple of worldwide trending topic.

Vampires square measure a desirable construct. we have a tendency to all like to play antique games that square measure supported real world ideas. within the digital world, vampires are often each scary and thrilling. this text focuses in the main on the lamia Survivors pentacle.

Functions in pentacle

This weapon is accessible within the game and might be used with Davain. The player will get pentacle if they’re ready to stay single-character for a minimum of twenty minutes.

A pentacle makes a Ra Eyes image. It will create a unexpected look and can vanish all enemies that square measure associated with it. The player’s luck can verify however unexpected the looks is.

What is lamia Survivors’ Molise?

There square measure several bonus levels within the lamia Survivors game. If players wish to speak Molise, it’s the primary level that may be thought of a bonus level.

To reach this stage, the player should ensure that the hyper-mode is unfastened in 3 places. Cracking this fifteen minute portion of the sport will result in death.

Molise may also be found in southern European nation. each have identical names, however they need fully completely different powers. Molise is ready to upgrade the sport.

What Happens to lamia Survivors pentacle once It Evolves?

The pentacle weapon is accessible within the game. It will remodel itself into a lovely and exquisite moon with AN item referred to as Crown passive in nature.

Pentagram is not a typical weapon within the game. However, it are often nonheritable by players World Health Organization have already got four to 5 different nice weapons.

It are often found within the game’s menu, or within the chest treasure section.


  • Name- pentacle.
  • Type- Casual,
  • Evolution-The Crown
  • Number of levels- Eighteen Six
  • Sixty may be a rare game.
  • Vampire Survivors Molise- A bonus stage.
  • Damages don’t seem to be accessible
  • The number of the sport – one.
  • Timing of Levels – ninety Seconds
  • The game’s effects square measure in the main relax and luck.

Which Levels will a player conquer weapon?

There square measure eight levels to the sport. Players may also conquer pentacle weapons at their last levels. this suggests that the eight-level level is reserved for pentacle.


All the information accessible on the web has been analyzed and it’s clear that lamia Survivors remains a wonderful game. lamia Survivors pentacle is that the most in-demand weapon of this game. This weapon is exclusive and attracts a distinct fan base.

You can conclude a lot of concerning the lamia survivors by visiting here. you’ll be able to conjointly comment below to allow us to apprehend that stage or weapon you wish best from the sport.

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