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This article contains all the essential and accurate information about this incident. Uvalde Wiki incident. You should have a sufficient amount of information.

Did you lose someone you love to you due to an explosion or attack? Have you ever felt the pain loss of someone? It’s hard to swallow down your sorrow when you send your child off to school, only to you later discover that they’ll never be back to school because they’re dead.

You’re familiar of Elementary school of Texas If you reside somewhere in United States, Canada, United Kingdom. Life is not fair for everyone, and death is never welcome. Death may come to us in the form of a natural accident, such as in the incident at that Texas school. Let’s explore Uvalde Wikito learn more about the incident.

Information about what happened during the Uvalde Attack.

It was on the 24th May 2022. A person whose name is Salvador was suspected of starting a an incident of fire at campus at Texas Elementary School in Uvalde. The fire killed 21 people We realized that after an in-depth investigation.

The 18-year-old suspect of firing at Uvalde also killed his grandmother on the day after. There were 21 of them two were adults, as well as 19 children. Then he was killed by the police.

Uvalde Wiki- Specifications

  • Name: Elementary School in Uvalde.
  • The location of AttackThe location of the attack Texas, Old Carrizo Road 715.
  • Date of Incident: 24th May 2022.
  • The nature of the attack is fire beginning at School.
  • Weapons usedThe handgun type Rifle.
  • Total death caused by 19 children and 2 grown-ups Most likely the teachers.
  • Attacker- Salvador Rolando.
  • The motive behind the attack is not yet discovered.
  • It was later discovered that this brutal shooting was the most fatal attack on the school since the school shooting in 2012 within the US.

What is the information concerning what happened at the Uvalde Shooting?

The shooting incident is related to the 18 year old boy who killed his mother on the same day he set off the school’s fire. After being involved in a major accident with an SUV, He walked into a school situated in Texas.

According to the Police in the area, the man was dressed in black and was carrying a gun. In essence, it is the AR-15 Rifle. As Salvador began firing the police officer in the area fired back and then shot him dead immediately.

What is the reason it’s trending?

Uvalde Texas Wikishows us that School Shootings are always the most horrific attacks that have been analyzed in the history of mankind. Parents do not send their kids to school to be shot. When word of the incident was spread throughout the community people began to search the internet to learn the truth behind the story. That’s what caused the subject trending.

Updates Regarding Investigation

After the incident, an investigators from the Federal Bureau of Firearms and Explosives were summoned to the scene. They were accompanied by an officer from the local area to conduct an investigation.


Uvalde Wiki is a deeply sensitive subject since it tells the stories of many innocent people who were killed in violent attacks on elementary schools. We wish to offer our condolences to families who suffered the loss of their child.

Comment below in the event that you have ever experienced losses of someone close to you. Additionally, you can find the entire information about Uvalde’s tragic incident here. Uvalde tragedy here.

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