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The shooting incident at Uvalde shooting Wiki is a harrowing incident in the recent history of Uvalde. Find out more.

A man aged 18 who shot 19 pupils and two teachers in two teachers at the Robb Elementary School of Uvalde has been featured in the news. The shooting occurred on May 24, 2022, and lasted for the whole day. The incident was tragically unfolding right from the beginning, when the murderer was able to kill his mother early in the morning.

The gunshots were heard in the school was closed for more than five minutes. Uvalde Shooting Wiki led to one of the most horrifying massacres world in recent years in which civilians were killed with no involvement from terrorists.

What happened on the 24 the 24th May 2022, in Uvalde?

On the 24th of May 2022, the assassin who is known as Salvador Rolando Ramos had an dispute, over a telephone bill with his grandmother. He then shot her on the forehead before fleeing using the help of his Ford truck. Fortunately, the grandmother of the murderer survived and was later taken to a hospital with the help of neighbors, with the assistance from the police.

Then , for Uvalde’s Shooting 2022 the perpetrator used his account on Facebook to contact the girl from Germany about shooting at his grandmother. He also sent a second message was about the shooting of an elementary school. Salvador Ramos then crushed his truck right in the front of the elementary school. Armed using one of his two guns, he entered the school. Before that shooting, he also shot at a few people in the funeral home, but they were not injured. The shooting at the school started at 11:32. After hearing shots the school was placed into lockdown at 11:43.

The Aftermath of the Uvalde Shooting Wiki

The shooter was then able to kill students in the school only. Students were hiding in various classrooms, and were shot by Ramos at the slightest movement. The police began negotiating and requested Ramos to go off the building but they were unsuccessful. The gunman was absolutely no mood to kill anyone alive. The shooter entered the classrooms and fired openly at students everywhere. Be aware that these details are sourced from the sources cited and we haven’t framed any of the facts.

The gunman killed the children , not in one shot, but also tried to shoot again to see if anyone was missing in the first. Similar to Uvalde Shooting Wiki , gruesome thing continued until additional security response teams were called by police. Around 12:15, there were a number of students who walked out and spoke to the police about the dead bodies inside. After about 1.5 hours, the police came in with the master janitor’s key and opened the door.

Ramos upon seeing the officers approaching, started firing at them in unison, but the officers retaliated and killed him in a matter of minutes only.


On May 24 the year 2022 was an incredibly gruesome chapter in the Robb Elementary School of Uvalde. The shooter had a disagreement with his grandmother, but later killed, according to reports, nineteen students and two teachers by shooting randomly on the Uvalde Shooting Wiki to accomplish the goal of killing. For more details about School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas, click here.

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