USPS COVID Scam (January 2022) Check How To Stay Protected?

Do you know about the latest scam that is taking place in your community? The article contains a chunk of comprehensive information on this scam. USPS COVID Fraud. Read on to find out more.

Are you aware of the ever-growing scam involving covid? Yes, you read it exactly. Due to the growing incidence of a pandemic, a variety of frauds involving covid tests are quickly increasing across the United States.

The fraudsters seek to make money through exploiting health crises in the public and disseminating inaccurate information and creating uncertainty. This post will cover all the details about the USPS COVID Scam to inform you of the possibility. So, let’s get started.

About Covid 19 Scam

Fraudsters have seized the opportunity to create the brand new COVID-19 vaccine to deceive people and deprive them of their hard-earned money and, even more importantly their ability to ensure their health.

The USPS COVID scam is a new scam that utilizes an image of the US Postal Service logo and the name of their service to extort money from consumers. This scam is especially risky because it usually happens in person and the person isn’t able to verify the details immediately.

What is USPS COVID Scam?

Websites that have similar URLs try to lure customers into purchasing expensive tests in less that 24 hours. It is reported that the United States Postal Service has created a website to offer free coronavirus screenings. Yes, the scammers are here.

For the fact, the government’s official website for getting free quick screenings. Although they look similar websites such as are not official sites and instead take you to expensive fast tests that are available for purchase.

Info About Scammers Tactics:

  • They may solicit the details of your credit card at an ATM or a gas pump, or when mailing a package, and then claim that you’ve paid too much. When we looked into the USPS COVID scam we discovered that they’ll give you a refund for the difference in exchange for you to provide them with the credit card details.
  • They will request the details of your credit card when you mail a package, and then claim that they have not received the payment. They will then debit your credit card for what is owed.
  • If you find yourself in this scenario, be cautious and do not divulge any information about yourself or your finances.

How can you protect yourself from this fraud?

  • The USPS will never request your credit card information, Social Security numbers, or any other personal details.
  • The real USPS website address is for covid.
  • To stay clear of USPS COVID scam Be sure to not click hyperlinks in emails that lead to the USPS official USPS website.
  • Check for the seal on any official correspondence from the USPS: USPS:
  • Inform the IC3 about phishing scams. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Final Verdict

The COVID scammers are back and this time, they’ve moved past to the USPS portal to extort funds from victims all over the world. Make contact with local officials immediately if you think you’ve been contacted by a scam that is similar to COVID’s email.

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