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Are you thinking of making an investment in the USTD coin, which is a stable cryptocurrency that can be compared to fiat currencies like Yen, Euro, and USD? It can help you avoid more losses as compared to Bitcoin and ETH by making the value of USTD less valuable. Investors who wish to stay clear of violating cryptocurrency prefer dealing with USTD.

Profiting from the behavior of investors, fraudsters created which saw significant traffic come in from Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Chile, and Spain. Let’s take a look at

More About was launched as a newly-launched website that was launched on the 22nd of April, 2022. It has a very short time frame. It expires on April 22, 2022. doesn’t include any information about policies or contact information on its site.

The identities of the owners as well as information about contact details are concealed by the internet’s the censorship. Furthermore, the country of origin isn’t known which makes it a suspect website.

A large portion of the website’s content was found to be in Chinese language, but the web service supplier, the website’s IP and server IP corresponds to the USA and some of their servers located in Japan.

Que ES Usdtbinace com as discussed:

One review from a customer on the site suggests that its customer support is available via WhatsApp by sending fake messages to customers about high results on has a low Alexa rank of 2,312,796. Three online reviews suggest it’s an Scam. There are no reviews available for anywhere else on the internet. A commercial website provides USTD trading. USTD commonly referred to as Tether is a form of cryptocurrency aimed to counteract the risk of price fluctuations and price declines encountered by Bitcoin as well as ETH.

Every Tether is supported by USD reserves and will ensure that the cost of Tether comparable to USD for all exchanges including While the price of Tether has decreased but it’s still able to keep its value at the same level as USD because of the reserves. seeks to collect financial and personal details about its investors prior to when the domain expires.Evidently that means it needs users to sign up their telephone number and email connected to personal information which could be used to send spam and phishing messages. Additionally, the site demands that users mention TRC20 and ERC20 address for wallets.

It is important to note that USTD is accessible on genuine cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Kraken, BitFinex, CoinSpot and Binance. Why then, do you need to should you use BitFinex has created Tether, which is the Tether token. In order to stay clear of scams investors, they should choose reliable exchanges that have been established on the market for quite a while.

Conclusion: reviews conclude that it’s Scam because of the poor reviews and a mere 1% of TrustRank. The platform is brand new and is not dependable because it has been sending fake messages via WhatsApp with the assistance of its employees that pretend as investors. Also, it is not a reliable platform since it didn’t include an agreement with terms or conditions for customers, a customer service numbers or email address, details of the founders, etc.

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