University Of Kentucky Racist Student Video: Kentucky Racist Student Video

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Sophia Rosing beat a Black woman at the dormitory’s front desk on Sunday 6th November 2022. The attack on two Black women by a white student was Worldwide criticism. It was considered racism. What happened Sunday? Why did Sophia enter into a fight? Did she get arrested? Was she arrested?

Let’s look at the University of Kentucky Racist Students Video.

Kentucky Racist Student Video:

Sophia Rosing, a University of Kentucky student, arrived at Boyd Hall around 1:00 AM on Sunday 6th November 2022. Freshman spring, a Black woman worked the night shift at the dormitory front desk (329 South Martin Luther King Blvd Lexington, KY 40508, USA).

Sophia arrived drunken after a night out. Sophia was unable to balance after a night out. Sophia refused to be helped by other students, two of them Black students. She shouted that she was wealthy and received special treatment. This Incident Video became viral. She called Freemen a Black slur.

Sophia attacked Freemen with her right arm when she was confronted by Freemen. Sophia was grabbed by Freeman with both her hands and asked to stop. Sophia attacked Freemen, but she continued to attack them. The police were informed.

Sophia was handcuffed by the police marshal and taken into custody at around 1:30 am on Sunday night. Sophia was asked to sit by the police marshal. Sophia kicked the officer marshal and bit his hand. Sophia was taken to court Monday 7th November 2022 after the Student Arrested. She cried and pleaded.

The case was rescheduled for 15 November 2022. Sophia’s parents attended the court. Sophia was charged with $10,000 towards her bail. Sophia was released on Monday after being paid the $10,000 bail amount.

Sophia was required to not contact Boyd Hall or consume alcohol before her bail was granted.

Sophia’s social media accounts:

Sophia didn’t respond to questions on her Facebook page regarding the incident. Her parents were not reachable by phone.

Sophia’s videos went viral on TWITTER:

Videos and posts were posted by the /universityofky Twitter pages and /AttorneyCrump tweet pages.

Sophia Rosing:

Sophia worked at Dillards, which was a shop that sold women’s clothes and accessories. Dillards informed Sophia that she was being terminated as soon as they were contacted. Dillards commented on Sophia’s video and tweeted that they did not condone her behavior. She was fired.

Response from UoK:

The incident was immediately reviewed by the University authorities. The school officials were asked if Sophia, who was shown in the University of Kentucky Racist Student Video was still enrolled at the University. They stated that her case was currently under review and any comments were not permitted.


Sophia was drunk after a night out and a few University students tried to help her. Two Black students tried to help Sophia but she was defeated. Sophia confronted Sophia after Sophia had fought for several hours with Freemen. Sophia, however, continued to attack a police marshal while under the influence.

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