Unihockeyshop Reviews Is This An Legit Or Scam Site?

This review is published on Unihockeyshop Reviews gives all the details about the online store and more information about its merits. Check out our article for the most recent updates.

Do you enjoy playing games of floorball? Are you looking to purchase a floorball stick on the internet portal? If so, this site is the one to follow. It has amazing floorball equipment. This website was established within Switzerland.

In this article, which is a review of Unihockeyshop Reviewwe will concentrate on the complete details regarding the website as well as additional information about the quality of the website. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the site.

What exactly is unihockeyshop.ch?

This is an excellent shopping website. It has a large selection of floorballs. The sticks are all pretty appealing. The various floorball equipment they offer includes shovels, floorball sticks goalsie masks, grips goalie sets, shoes bags, clothes, sports glasses sweatbands, hair bands and more. All of their products are of top quality. It also sells well-known brands such as Adidas, Unihoc, Salming, Zonefloorball, Asics, and many more. However, it is important to know whether Unihockeyshop Legit or a scam prior to purchasing any of its merchandise.

Descriptions from unihockeyshop.ch:

  • The address of this site: unihockeyshop.ch
  • The Domain’s existenceThe date of development for this page is 20th June, 2005.
  • The web page will cease to be available at the time:The web portal will expire on the 20th of June, 2023.
  • Service for Mail:No email account details are on the website.
  • This is the official website for the company:No information about the official address of the website is available.
  • Delivery Information: It delivers the order within 24 hours from the time of the time of placing the order, excluding Saturdays.
  • Free shipping Service: No information on free shipping is provided.
  • Standard Delivery Service:According to Unihockeyshop Reviews there isn’t any particulars on the normal shipping.
  • Contact facility It is not possible to find a specific information about the number for the website portal.
  • Creator of the portal on the internet: The web developer’s name is Marc.
  • logos from Social Media: There aren’t any logos for social networks on its website, but following an investigation, there’s Facebook’s account on the website.
  • Information on Returns: It provides 7 days return on all of its purchases.
  • Payment Gateways: Twint.

Positives in unihockeyshop.ch:

  • It has also given its founder’s name to make it easier.
  • It takes the shortest length of time required to complete the order.

Negatives for unihockeyshop.ch:

  • It doesn’t have any logos for social media sites on its website.

Do you think Unihockeyshop Legit or a scam online shopping site?

When shopping on the website for products, it is essential to verify all the information of the website and the products it sells. These points below can help you understand the credibility of the website:

  • The first page of the web page:The development date of this website is 20th June, 2005.
  • A score for trust:The trust score is poor, about 27%..
  • Content Copied PercentageThe amount of content that is duplicated is 25%..
  • Percentage Discount: There is no information about the discount is offered on its website.
  • Mail AccountThe Account for email provided on the website is legitimate.
  • Social logos of platforms: According to Unihockeyshop Reviews there aren’t any logos of social networks on the website however, upon further investigation Facebook accounts are available on the site.
  • Address of the website:No information about the official address of this webpage is available.
  • Products Exchange It allows exchange services on its orders.
  • The cost of returnThe customer is responsible for pay for the return costs.
  • Alexa worldwide rank It has an Alexa global rank of #6562609.
  • Method of cancelling the order There is no information on the cancellation of orders is available.
  • Details on the refund: It provides a reimbursement to customers who have used the payment mode.
  • The Terms This site has separate Terms and Conditions pages.

Unihockeyshop Reviews:

The website does not have any customers’ reviews of its products on its web portal. The overall ranking of Alexa for this website is #6562609. The site is accessible via social networks and reviews that are positive are posted on social media platforms as well as online sites.


The site provides excellent service on the web. There are many customers who have purchased its services. The trust score of the portal is not great. Additionally, the website is also available on social networks and a lot of positive reviews are posted on social media platforms as well as online websites within reviews from Unihockeyshop. It appears to be a legitimate website and users are able to purchase items from the site.

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