TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video: What is the Incident?

This article discusses the latest update on leak TWITTER Zanele Sifuba Video, and also provides facts about this incident.

Are you familiar with the controversy surrounding Zanele Sifuba, a South African politician? According to reports, one of her private videos was posted on social media. Many politicians have reacted to this video incident.

Millions of people around the world have already seen the video. The film’s Publication Board and the filmmaker requested that Twitter remove the tape. We now need to talk about TWITTER Zanele Sifuba video.

What is the Incident?

According to the report, the private video was uploaded to social media platforms on Wednesday. Many politicians responded to this incident by uploading video. They first condemned this incident.

One report claims that an unidentified character demanded 300000 rupees from Sifuba. The person then shared her private video via social media after she refused to give the amount. Experts believe it was an extortion attempt. The incident is being investigated by the police and cyber teams.

Viral clip Link on Twitter

The Film and Publication Board asked Twitter for authority to remove the video from their site as soon as possible. The Film and Publication Authority requested Twitter authority to delete a specific application.

We have not received any recent updates from Twitter regarding whether or not the video has been removed. However, while we check the Twitter account, it seems that the video itself still needs to exist. It is true that we have seen many comments indicating that people have already viewed the video. You can also check out the Twitter account.

Other social media

The video was uploaded to Reddit also. The video has been seen by many others on this platform. We tried to look into the account and found out that the video had been uploaded 2 days ago.

On Zenela Sifuba’s video, we find a header. A small picture of Sifuba is also available on the left. It is a private video. We cannot share the video in public.

Many claim that the video was also uploaded to the Telegram account. We looked into the facts and discovered that 432 subscribers had already viewed this video.

We also investigated the Africanhubleaks account. We also saw this video posted on the channel. This video is longer than a minute long. For your information, however, the link to the account can be found below under the heading.

This video was also seen by many people. We need to know if the Film and Publication authority, or the legislative authority, have asked this channel to delete the Zanella video.

Husband’s Reaction

Zanele’s full name is Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba. She is a well-known South African politician, speaker at the State Provincial Legislature since 2019. Sifuba is also a member the African National Congress.

Sifuba, who was a teacher between 1999 and 2019, was elected speaker of the Free State Provincial Legislature. While we are still trying to find out the family’s reactions to this video leak incident, we discovered that her husband’s name was not mentioned anywhere online. Sifuba never mentioned her husband’s name, or whereabouts, publicly.

We find out that she has three girls and one boy. The internet does not provide any information about her children. The internet only contains images of her children (sources not verified).

Social Media Account at Sifuba

We are Zanele’s only social media account.

Disclaimer: This video link is not available due to legal and privacy reasons. We do not support or promote this type of video. These details are provided for informational purposes only.

Last Update

According to the latest update, all incidents are being investigated by the police. The investigation authority has not yet provided any information on the investigation.

We have not received a statement from Zanele Biuba regarding this incident. Zanella is Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly. You can watch her video about this incident.

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