Trine Wordle {July} Check The List Of Clues & Answer!

This Trine Wordle article was created to provide a brief description about #396 Wordle. Please see below.

What is Trine? What is Trine and why are Wordle players so excited about it? All over the United States and India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and United States, people are eager to learn about what trine is. Trine is the hint for Wordle #396. The excitement of finding the correct answer is infectious among players. You can read the entire article to learn more about Trine Wortle.

What does Trine refer to?

Trine is a hint for Wordle #396. Wordle is testing our abilities as we approach the 400th Wordle. Trine is a hint that is intended to confuse players while also acting as a hint. Other 5 letter words that begin with T and end in E include targe, tarre (table), taste, taube, tasse, etc. These words can be used as hints. Trine, on the other hand, refers to an aspect of 120deg. For more information on today’s Wordle, see Trine Game.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game that Josh Wardle created as a private game. Wordle was slowly but surely gotten to know over time. The New York Times Company eventually bought this game. Wordle became available to everyone around the world, and fans created many other alternatives such as Quordle, Dordle, etc. Wordle has become an everyday routine for thousands of people around the globe. Worlde has been very successful in expanding our vocabulary.

Trine Definition

The word Trine, as we have seen, acts as a hint for wordle #368. This Wordle answers the question “Trine” beginning with T and ending with E. Trine is an aspect of 120deg. This word is related with astrology. As such, any five-letter word beginning with T and ending in E can be used to hint. Instead of waiting for the right answer, you can now get it. Wordle #396 has a correct answer: TRITE. Trite is a synonym for boring, lacking originality or freshness.

How do you play Wordle?

Wordle has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Although it was difficult to find the correct word, Trine provided hints that made it easier. Wordle is very easy to use. Wordle turns green when the correct letter is placed. It turns yellow when the wrong letter is placed and grey when the wrong letter is placed. Wordle can become complicated at times and it is difficult for players to guess the correct answer.


Wordle is a very well-known game. This game is loved by all ages. Wordle is available for purchase in Spanish, Italian and other languages. To learn more about Wordle today, read Trine WordleClick this link to find out more about Wordle.

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