Trillionaire Thugs NFT {January 2022} Check The Roadmap, Market Stats

The article about Trillionaire Thugs NFT covers the new NFT that was launched on the market. Learn more about NFT.

Do you know anything about NFTs? Do you want to purchase an NFT? What exactly are Trillionaire Thugs? Do they qualify as an NFT?

The Crypto market is growing and growing. Following cryptocurrency, many are now entering the NFT market. They’re showing an keen interest in the NFT market this is the reason the reason why NFTs are extremely popular at the moment. The people who invest their savings in NFTs gain more income with it in this day and age.

Everybody is in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States wonder about Trillionaire Thugs NFT.

What exactly is NFT?

We’re hoping that by now, you’ve gotten to know about non-fungible tokens. If not then let’s take an overview of its definition. NFTs are non-fungible. (NFTs) can be described as a form of blockchain token that can track back an entity. They are distinct and cannot be substituted by other tokens.

NFT is also defined as a category of cryptocurrencies that have advanced smart contract capabilities. The tokens are able to be programmed in order to provide distinct, dynamic effects within the token’s ecosystem. These tokens are only available in digital form or be items that are virtual, such as Cryptokitties, for instance.

Trillionaire Thugs NFT

It’s an NFT that was recently launched in the market for digital currencies. They have an enormous assortment that includes 7777 3D art works. These collection of 3D digital art is referred to by the name of Trillionaire Thugs. They’ve created their NFTs by making use over 300 characteristics.

The NFTs they have are based on hip hop music. There are many other things that relate to this NFT like, for instance the first NFT in February 2022.

Market Stats

  • Trading volume Zero currently.
  • Floor price is 0.08 (lowest)
  • The number of pieces on the market for purchase is 30 pieces.
  • At present, they have eight owners.

Road Map

Let’s look at what is the Trillionaire Thugs’s NFT Road map. Their journey is broken down into six distinct phases:

  • First Phase Launching an assortment of graffiti gangs of thugs. After launching the collection giving an authorization for the whitelist, and unveiling the whole 7777 pieces.
  • Second Phase hosting parties following the official launch of the NFTs at Miami as well as Dubai. The idea is to get to know the community face-to-face.
  • Third PhaseLaunching the only Merch to the public, so that they are quickly recognized as the holder.
  • 4. the previous holder with a period of longer than thirty days, will have access to the new collection of NFT weapons that are added to the Trillionaire Thugs NFT.
  • 5th phase: Character update will be given to holders. Giving additional value in terms of practicality and financial in the NFT.
  • 6th Stage: Launch a game that is linked to the characters and eventually into the universe. Holder will be able to showcase their collection on the internet.


It is clear that the NFT market is currently in full swing. A growing number of people are discovering NFT and trying to purchase one, or at the very least to keep track of the growing. In addition, many are enthralled at the digital artwork and are embracing the idea that digital artifacts are a viable option.

Do you want to know more? Click here to find all the details regarding this NFT’s statistics.

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