Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam: Read About The Scam!

This article will discuss the Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam. To avoid losing your money, learn all you can about this scam.

Are you a Trend Micro LLC company user? Are you receiving a PayPal notification in your mail? What is Trend Micro PayPal Fraud and how can you stop it? Many people in the United States have been receiving alerts from Trend Micro PayPal recently.

These emails are sent by scammers claiming to be Trends Micro Company. Trend Micro cloud software allows multiple users to store their data and other important files. People are now concerned about the Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam. They want to learn how to eliminate this fraud.

The scam

Multiple complaints have been made about Trend Micro Company PayPal email. People are complaining that they receive an alert to pay Trend Micro membership. This message is realistic and seems to have been generated by PayPal so people don’t fall for it.

A company discovers about fraud alerts and emails regarding payment. Trend Micro sent out a notice about the fraud emails and awareness report. Multiple photos of fraud alerts received in emails were also attached by Trend Micro.

Trend micro LLC PayPal Scam information

A fake alert starts with a PayPal notification sent by mail. They claim to be employees of Trend Micro LLC, and then send a message requesting that you pay $499.99 to Trend micro.

They also require that you make the payment within 24 hours in order to avoid disconnection or penalty from Trend Micro subscriptions. A customer service number will be provided to you that directs you to the scammers. You can also pay the amount by mail at the end of this mail template

How can people fall for the Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scam?

People usually pay the amount without verifying their email. Customer care is available to assist victims if they become aware of the payment. To remove the alert, scammers will demand access to various devices.

Scammers may ask victims to download software to grant administrator access to their system. With the aid of Administration access, they will be able to reach the victim’s bank and credit cards. To verify that the fraud mail is authentic, scammers will also send us a payment alert to your PayPal account.

How to Avoid Trend Micro LLC PayPal Scams

Initially, you can verify the payment mail from the official website of Trend Micro by forwarding the mail to the company’s website tmsupport@ To see fraud alerts, you can also view the scammers alert in this image.

Final verdict

Trend Micro LLC Company is sending fraud alerts to people. Many victims have been caught in this Paypal scam. Let’s say you get a Trend Micro Company payment alert. Before you make any payment, please verify your email source and confirm the email.

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