Treasure Maker Anniversary (February 2022) Check The Anniversary Date!

The guide gives details on The South Korean Band and the coming The Treasure Maker anniversary date.

Thank you for your support “TREASURE” Day to every one who is a fan from the South Korean Band, Treasure Maker! The young and talented 12 member group of South Korea is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and making headlines on social media.

7th February is a highly sought-after topic on the Google search engine since that was the band was celebrating their second Anniversary. The people who love the band from Malaysia as well as Indonesia have been looking on the internet to find out the date of the Treasure Maker Anniversary 2022.

Fans would like to know if there’s something special about the Treasure Maker’s anniversary celebration and what kind of gifts the company is giving out to fans in celebration of their next anniversary.

What is Treasure Maker?

Treasure is a pop group with 12 members formed in South Korea. The brand was established in the year 2019 under the umbrella under the banner of YG Entertainment via its reality survival program YG Treasure Box. It’s a group of 12 members which debuted and released its first single in the year 2020.

The group is also involved in charity events and is associated in charitable events with the Muju YG Foundation. Treasure Maker is the fandom name of the group so fans are looking for the anniversary date by using the name of the fandom group.

What is the Treasure Maker Anniversary Date?

Treasure Maker 2022 Anniversary Date Treasure Maker 2022 Anniversary Date is the hot subject of discussion among the group’s fans. Since the discussion about the anniversary date has made news in the media, it’s become to the forefront of discussion. A lot of followers and groups are joining in the debate to determine the exact date of the anniversary.

According to the official Twitter account The Treasure Maker celebrated their 2nd anniversary on the 7th of February 2021. The fans would like to know when the group will celebrate their next anniversary.

Many fans thought it was a great 2nd anniversary. The band will be celebrating their next anniversary on February 7, 2022 They began wishing the their band for the Treasure Maker Anniversary 7th February 2022.

There isn’t confirmation as to whether the band will be celebrating the anniversary on the 7th of February. However, based on the exact date of the last anniversary, fans began sending them a message on various platforms.

How Are People Reacting?

After looking online there was no announcement on their official social media account. A video review has been posted along with some comments in which fans were seen sending their wishes to the band a happy anniversary.

It isn’t specific about whether or not the group will be celebrating the Treasure Maker Anniversary 7th February 2022 as they did the previous year.

The official social media site hasn’t confirmed the exact date of their anniversary celebration. It is also unclear if they will release any track to commemorate their anniversary.

Thus, the readers must wait until updates are released or check the twitter official account for news.


Treasure Maker The Treasure Maker fandom name for the popular pop group Treasure. The group was formed in 2019and celebrated their second anniversary on February 7, 2021. In light of this many fans are wishing the band on the 7th February 2022 to celebrate the most recent Treasure Maker Anniversary.

It’s unclear whether the group celebrates their anniversary on this day or releasing a brand new track that will please their loyal fans.

Are you aware of any news regarding the upcoming anniversary? Do you want to share this information in the comment section.

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