Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time {January 2022} Buy Pet

The Traveling Marketer Pet Simulator X Time provides information on sellers who sell pets Pet Simulator X players on the Roblox gaming platform.

Do you enjoy keeping virtual animals of various types? Are you looking forward to an update for glitches to find out about pet sales? The Roblox players in The Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States play Pet Simulator X to get pets of their choice.

It’s got a large selection of pets and also a vendor will visit your house to offer the Pet for a set period of period of time. The latest update includes an entirely new collection of animals is available through going through the Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator Time till the final.

About Pet Simulator X Game

Pet Simulator is a game that is played on the Roblox platform, which permits users and developers to join through its platform to create and play with new games.

Pet Simulator is famous among players for its game that lets them keep pets of various types.

It lets players collect diamonds and coins that can be used to purchase eggs. The eggs could turn into cute animals or even dangerous creatures that are hard to control.

The pets can be bought by using diamonds and coins however, some animals require the help of a diamond wallet and, to do that you will need more diamonds.

Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time:

Another method of getting pets is to purchase pets from a merchant traveling who is able to arrive at his own timing.

Traveling sellers sell a scarce variety of animals. their time of arrival is not known to anyone.

Thus, players should be aware during the time of play in case they decide to purchase animals from the owner.

The facts about the travel retailer:

  • Merchants who travel will be unpredictably at any point of the day.
  • While his precise timing isn’t known however, players can locate him in the same location at the top of the map.
  • Three pets are the maximum that can be purchased from the retailer at a time.
  • Moving Merchant Pet Simulator Time Time offers rare breeds of animals such as rainbow types that are not available in other places.
  • Merchants can be found in locations shown on the map during an exact time during the course of the day.

What pet can a Player purchase from a Traveling Store?

The Pet Simulator X game player must purchase eggs by paying diamonds and coins, and then make the egg hatch into animals.

The process described above doesn’t permit the player to hatch an animal that they would like to keep.

If they decide to purchase pets from the seller they can purchase the animal they want with a set quantity of diamonds.

Moving Merchant Pet Simulator Time has provided an inventory of animals as well as their cost to purchase through the seller.

  • Rudolf Rudolf 8.96 m diamonds
  • Silver stag – 6.8m diamonds
  • Silver Dragon – 7.47m diamonds
  • Galaxy Fox 7.63m diamonds
  • Blue Fluffy – 6.06m diamonds
  • Santa Paws Santa Paws 8.93m diamonds

The pets are constantly changing in the store, and players must keep their pets updated.


Traveling retailers are useful in Pet simulation Roblox as they allow players to choose the option of having a Pet of their choice. In the scenario of hatching, the egg-bearing player is unaware about the pet they might obtain.

Thus, the user can patiently wait for the merchant get their Pet and then share their experience using their traveler in the Pet Simulator The X Time comment Section.

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