Tom Brady Divorce With Gisele Antonio Brown: Fans Reaction to Social Media Platforms

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Information on Gisele Antonio and Tom Brady’s Divorce

Multiple reports claim that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen decided to end their 13-year marriage. Sources tell us that the couple decided to end their marital relationship after years of struggle. Both couples shared the news on social media.

Confirmation by the couple of their divorce

Both Tom and Gisele announced their divorce on 28 October 2022 via their Instagram stories. Many people are still curious about Did Tom Brady and Gisele divorce? For those who are interested, you can download the attachment for a confirmation divorce post.

Above is Tom Brady’s post in which he asked his fans for privacy during this difficult time. The NFL player also confirmed that he had parted ways through the post, and said that they would share joint custody of their kids.

In the attachment, Gisele Brown shared a post about their divorce. It also mentioned that Gisele and Gisele have decided to split and have their children first.

Why is Tom Brady getting a divorce from Gisele?

According to several reports, Tom is hard at work to preserve their marriage. The main reason the couple parted ways is Tom’s continued participation in the NFL team. The couple divorce was not caused by Tom’s football.

Gisele was not happy with the decision by Tom to stay on at the NFL. Sources claim that Gisele wasn’t satisfied with the amount of time Tom spent giving to her family. Tom was a football player for the NFL team, and did not consider their family a priority.

Tom Brady, Gisele Wedding Details

The couple were married twice in 2009, once at St. Monica Catholic Church in California, and again at Bundchen’s Costa Rica residence. Sources claim that the couple was expecting their first child in June 2009. Gisele was first seen with her baby bump at the Sao Paolo Fashion Week.

Adams Schefter tweet post

Their fans were devastated by the couple’s Instagram post about their separation. Popular sports journalist Adam Schefter confirmed the news via Twitter and attached photos.

Tom Brady Divorce With Gisele Antonio Brown News completely demoralized their fans. In the conclusion, you will find the link to the post. It is available for anyone who is interested.

Adam Schefter confirmed the couple’s divorce news via a tweet.

Fans reaction to social media platforms

Fans reacted strongly to the news about the couple’s divorce. One Twitter user commented on Gisele’s post, which looked almost like Tom’s divorce.

Other Twitter users also commented that it was obvious that the power couple would share the posts to make them more human. The Tom Brady Divorce With Gisele Anton Brown news debate continues.

Reddit users have responded to the news about Tom and Gisele’s divorce. Take a look at the reactions.

Reddit users are also arguing over who is right in their relationship. Reddit user Gisele has also called Gisele.

People are reacting to Youtube’s divorce news, which includes details about the couple’s divorcing.

Most fans are devastated by Tom’s and Gisele’s divorce news. Are you able to provide more information about their Divorce news? Leave a comment below to share your views.

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