Toll Notice Scam What’s the News?

This news contains information about the Toll Notice Fraud. It also advises people to be cautious and safe. Continue reading.

A text message was sent by a toll company asking for payment clearance. You heard it right. People from Australia received a series of text messages recently asking for their credit card information. The Toll Notice scam section will contain details about the mishaps caused by these scam texts.

What’s the news?

People received a message from their mobile phones a few days ago about a pending payment for a Toll. They were required to either settle the amount or receive a penalty notice. People were intrigued and began to search for more details. Many people became victims of this scam.

Some important points about Toll Notice Scam

  • The message contains the link below and asks you to press the link to continue to the payment page.
  • Several people were also notified about a payment of approximately $6 dollars.
  • Clicking the link will redirect the user to a page that asks for credit card information.
  • Australian consumer commission received complaints about the same scam.

Toll Notice Scam

Many people have lost their money due to the scam. One victim who provided his credit card information also claimed that he received authorization messages on his cell phone. The screen asked for a special code, and he lost his money. Scammers are purchasing gift cards using credit card information. This Toll Notice Scam affects many people.

The information about the tools camp is available to those who wish to read it.


People must be cautious before responding to suspicious messages. It is important to read the entire message and determine if it is real or a scam. It is best to avoid clicking on links that do not relate to your work. What are your thoughts on the Toll Notice Fraud? Please comment below to share your thoughts.

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