Todd Gillingham Obituary: Know How He Died?

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Who is Todd Gillingham Is he still alive? Is he still alive? Would you like to learn more about him? Is it because people are curious about him? He was a celebrity? Todd’s story is all over Canada, and Canadians want to know more about him. Read on if you’re one of them. Below is all the information you need about Todd Gillingham Obituary. Please take the time to read this article with all your attention.

Who is Todd Gillingham Updates on him

Todd Gillingham was a hockey star who was born 31 January 1970. He is 52 years of age. Todd, a well-known hockey player, was born in Canada. He was born in Labrador City. According to recent news, he was also accused of various toxic offenses. He was to face trial in court. He was found guilty of the offenses he committed, because he did not appear in court during the trial.

Todd Gillingham Biography

Todd was born on January 31st, as mentioned. He played in many matches for Canada. He was a highly talented and well-known player who made a lot of money through his game. He was a former player of hockey. On October 26, 1940, he passed away. He was the brother of four sisters. It is heartbreaking and sad to hear about his passing. After hearing about his passing, his family and friends are in great pain. He was tall and handsome, measuring in at 188cm. While he was still young, he had a remarkable career. He was a player in the AHL as well as the International Hockey League.

What happened to him?

The famed hockey player is gone. Although he was no longer with us, he is still well-known for his popularity and fame. We send our condolences and sympathies to his family. He was 52 years old when he died. His death was not explained at the time. Many people would like to know why he died. Todd died naturally, it was a natural death. His family is in our prayers and love.

Learn more about him

Todd received his education from Marianopolis School where he studied French and business. He later attended the Commemoration College of Newfoundland where he studied Liberal Arts. He was part of senior hockey teams which helped him improve his game. Todd had a high net worth. The exact amount is not known. His family is grateful for his support, prayers, and love.


Todd was a well-known hockey player. He died at 52. This was very sad for his family and fans. Wiki has very little information about Todd’s personal life. Wiki does not have any information about his spouse or children. Click this link for more information.

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