Tilted Towers 3 Chapter {January 2022} What More Can Be Fun?

Tilted Towers 3 Chapter
Tilted Towers 3 Chapter

This article outlines all the details and release dates for the recently released tilted Towers 3 chapter edition.

Are you a huge fan of the Fortnite series? Are you also a fan of the Fortnite series? Are you interested in knowing more the details of Fortnite chapters? Would you like to keep your name on the list for each brand new Chapter of the Fortnite series? We all are aware that Fortnite is a fascinating game that brings out the best in players. We are working to provide an explanation of the fascinating subject.

The latest Chapter to be released by Fortnite will bring excitement worldwide. This article will provide the complete review the Tilted Towers 3, Chapter.

The come-up in Chapter 3

The game is renowned for its innovative and top-quality objects and amazing changes for the game.

Fortnite is introducing Chapter 3, which came with some major changes. The chapter is set to begin week five, and we’ll see a few changes.

Fortnite is sure to be returning to the Chapter this year, as is the case with leaks.

We’d like to know more regarding the way this Chapter will be a part of the game?

What date will Tilted Third Chapter in Towers be held?

The instructions in the game’s chapter 3, the game will begin in the week that is currently underway. We are likely to see Tilted Towers during the game on Tuesday.

The owner of the game hasn’t revealed the exact date for the game’s release however one thing we can guarantee is the fact that this release will be released within the next month.

The date for when towers will be added in the Battle Field?

This game brought a brand new version of the game. The game was released on January 17th, 2022. Therefore, we can anticipate that the tilted Towers Third Chapter to be available on the battlefield shortly.

In the course of this article, we will continue to learn about specifics in the third Chapter.


  • Chapter’s Code- 0413-8685-4164
  • Chapter’s Version7 Versions in all
  • The location of Tilted Towers: It is situated in the middle of Shifty Shafts as well as the Lake.

Where are Frozen Tilted Towers?

The frozen Towers are situated in the middle of the game’s map of direction for a brief period. However, leakers reveal that the snow from the frozen towers is likely to melt shortly.

Apart from the usual tilted Towers 3 Chapter, the players will also be able to take on frozen towers. Incredibly, we can spot areas that are snow-free in the maps.

End of the line

In our final words we can tell you that the latest edition of the game has just been released, and it has added a brand-new and exciting feature to the game. It is possible to direct the map to find the areas that are snow-free.

So, get it done now and include the tilted Towers 3 Chapter to your collection before it gets time to add it.

Do you want to add this updated version of this game on your wishlist? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

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