Tiffany Cross Ratings: Cross Connection Ratings

Exclusive reviews of Tiffany Cross Ratings as a host on The Cross Connection on MSNBC.

The Cross Connection host Tiffany was fired as host of the show. The news spread quickly. The Cross Connection was a popular, knowledge-based show that focuses on politics in the United States. Since the beginning, Tiffany has been the host. Every Saturday, the show airs.

Do you want to find out the ratings for The Cross Connection? Let’s examine the various factors that affect Tiffany Cross Ratings after Tiffany has been dropped from the show.

Cross Connection Ratings:

The ratings for The Cross Connection grew by 32% in the first quarter 2022. Every Saturday, the show aired from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST.

People who are interested in the current situation and the atmosphere across the country love the show. The show discussed various topics and focused on the most recent news. It has a small audience and is not very popular.

IMBD rated the show with a rating of 2.9/10 stars by 180 viewers, which is poor. Who is Tiffany Cross Msnbc Husband Tiffany is single. It was rated a 1/10 by 126 viewers (which accounts for 70% of the 180 reviews). Only 38%, or 38 viewers, gave the show a rating above 6/10 stars. This includes 17.2% (31 viewers), who gave it the top 10/10 stars.

The majority of users are between 30 and 45+ years, which includes international viewers. The Cross Connection’s most recent rating and review on IMBD was posted 24 October 2022. After Tiffany’s departure from the show, ratings and popularity of the new host will be determined.

Tiffany Cross Ratings

IMBD’s negative comments about Tiffany are terrible. People comment that she is not suitable for radio. Most users were unhappy with Tiffany’s offensive and irresistible remarks on the show.

Many viewers found out that Tiffany promotes hatred with her show, which made them turn off their TVs. Many viewers suggested that Tiffany should be removed from the show and sent to school.

Recently, her comments on the Republicans and Democrats in Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week With Charlemagne were criticized. Let’s learn more about Tiffany Cross Ratings. Tiffany was involved in a dispute with management over a section of The Cross Connection.

Tiffany worked for MSNBC for over two years. MSNBC’s efforts to include diverse views on their platform allowed Tiffany to develop and showcase Black history and heritage. Tiffany displayed her efforts to trace her family’s history and origin in February.

MSNBC announced that Tiffany had been dropped and that multiple hosts would appear on The Cross Connection.


The Cross Connection is not popular on MSNBC. This was due to Tiffany Cross Ratings. It primarily appeals to people between the ages of 30 and 45+. It has a low rating online, due to concerns about Tiffany’s hosting style. Although The Cross Connection’s rating had increased in its first quarter, Tiffany’s removal as host will have an impact on its ratings. This will be evident in the next few weeks.

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