Thuy Trang Cause of Death: Other Facts about Thuy

This article contains Thuy Trang Cause of Death as well as other facts about her life and achievements.

What do you know about Thuy Trang’s recent death? Recently, the tragic car accident that killed Thuy Trang, an American-Vietnamese actress, left her brain permanently damaged. This news was distributed in countries such as the United Kingdom or Canada.

Many of her followers have been searching on various social media platforms for Trang’s death cause. After going through many news sources, we will update the Thuy Trung Cause of Death with related facts.

The Death Reason

Thuy Trang died on 3 September 2001. This was 21 years ago. People and fans still want to know more about her death. The death of the famous actress was not revealed in the initial report. Many media outlets reported that Trang was killed in a car accident.

According to media reports, Trang was traveling with Angele Rockwood on that day. Their car was involved in a terrible accident. Later, Trang was shot to death in the Area. The whole incident was later investigated by police.

Find out more about funerals and obituaries!

2001 was the last year that no one had provided any clear explanation for Thuy’s death. Many fans remain confused by Thuy’s reported death. We recently found an official obituary for this actress online.

Thuy’s body, which was found on September 10, 2001, was cremated a week later. The ashes were later dispersed in California’s Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Official social media pages were created to allow fans to express condolences, love and support the Original Power Ranger.

There are also social media links that pay tribute to the actress and offer condolences. Many people have shared their views and thoughts, and the pages remain active. Below is a list of links.

The Age at Death

Many are interested in her life span. Thuy was born 14 December 1973. At 27 years old, she was involved in a tragic accident. Despite this, Thuy gained much fame for her acting skills and performances. Thuy gained her fame at 20 years old when she played Trini Kwan, the Power Rangers character.

She was also a well-known actress. Walter Jones’s Hip Hop Dance Video and Austin St Jones Martial Arts Video were some of her notable projects. Spy Hard, The Crow City of Angles, Spy Hard, Spy Hard, and many other are just a few of the others.

Learn about her Family

  • Name/ Full-Name-Thuy Trang
  • Nickname- No data
  • Acting- Profession
  • Zodiac Sign- Sagittarius
  • Death at Birth-14 Dec 1973
  • South Vietnam (also known as Ho Chi Ming City).
  • Father’s name- Ky Trang
  • Mother’s Name – Be Trango
  • Siblings- One sister and two brothers (names not known).
  • Age- 27
  • Birthplace- Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nationality –Vietnamese & American
  • Marital Status – Single
  • Name of the Partner –No Information
  • Net Worth –1.5 Million USD

Other Facts about Thuy

Another fact we find is that Thuy was of Vietnamese descent. She was born Vietnamese. Trang later obtained a US passport through political asylum. She believed in Buddhism and had worshipped Goutam Buddha all her life.

Education and Other Factors

Thuy was the first to choose acting as a career in her family. Thuy graduated from Banning High School. She was then admitted to Civil Engineering at University of California. After a talent hunt, she decided to pursue acting.

Social Media


We can finally say that it was a sad ending for Thuy Trang’s talented and famous actress. Her work is still loved by many. Click this link to see her interview video.

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