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Are you interested in purchasing from reviews? Are you looking to confirm that actually sells online? Our scam detector found that is not trustworthy.

What is

Thekarmavore sells a wide range of products online. You can find it at These products are also available at a very low price.

This website has been flagged fraudulent and contains many red flags. This review will reveal everything you need to know about the business. These are just a few of many findings.

Site creation

This website was created in May 2021, and will expire on May 20, 2023. This indicates that it can be easily deleted, and is therefore suspect.

Customer complaints Customers who purchased from this store left online reviews claiming they were scammed and that they didn’t receive what they ordered. This store has not responded to all requests for refunds.

Some customers said this:

I ordered a rugbyshirt, and received a useless wallet The site did not respond; rather, a passite bestofcustomerservie8 If the item is out of stock, a refund may be offered.

It kept their contact information private

It is not easy to find’s contact information via their website. This is suspicious as it suggests that may have hidden customers’ information. This is suspicious, as authentic stores will always have accurate information on their websites. This is a sign that the store is fraudulent.

Suspicious/Outrageous Discounts

The website offers unbelievable discounts which indicates that it is fraudulent.

Stolen Contents sourced most of its content, including product images, from several online stores.

This is a common online scam. Although online shops claim to sell original products, customers are sent imitations at a fraction of the cost.

There is no social media platform

The social media handles of Store cannot be found. This is odd, since every legitimate online shop has an account on social media.

Is scam?

These are just a few of the red flags should be aware.

To attract customers, this scam shop charges low prices. Customers can order products they don’t want or of lower quality while others get nothing. This is a scam.

Conclusion does not sell online. This store has conned unsuspecting customers, as we have shown in our review. Be cautious. Online scammers can be identified by the Domain age displayed on Google allows you to copy and paste addresses. Google Map will show you whether the store belongs to a warehouse or residential building.

Customers who placed orders on questionable websites such as viviizstores and Dicoola, Alien-Tees or Galacmart received subpar products or none at all.

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