The Top 3 Moto Metal Wheels of 2022 You Simply Cannot Miss

If there is one thing that Moto Metal Wheels are very consistent with, it is delivering newer models of its fantastic wheels to its dedicated clients each year. The company has made it a USP of their brand. The aftermarket crowd in the United States and across the world know that they will be regaled with some of the most stunning and durable models as the company gallops on towards the future.

This is an exceptional marketing strategy; it has fetched rich rewards for Moto Metal Wheels and has ensured it takes precedence over brands like Curva Wheels and a number of other equally high-end names.

While Moto Metal is not a very old brand, it has created a lot of ripples in the aftermarket rims and custom tuner enthusiasts’ markets with their superlative design philosophy and their superior power of taking on any surface. Like TIS off-road wheels, their models excel on the most inaccessible and hostile terrains.

Suffice to say that Moto Metal Wheels are meant for serious and badass drivers who live for the roads and for the love of driving!

Planning to buy a set of these fantastic wheels this year? Let’s walk you through 2022’s top 3 models from the house of Moto Metal rims.

Handpicked off-road wheels for 2022

Here are the top 3 wheels which you can consider without any hesitation.

  1. M0800 Deep Six: The M0800 family is an extensive one. It is also one of the most popular ranges of this company. The Deep Six model has seen several incarnations; the latest one in 2022 has 6 spokes which meet the rim with the customary deep lip design. This specific model has several color variants, but the glossy black entry is stunning!

This wheel, unlike many of the offerings by Curva Wheels, comes with removable spike bolts which are clearly visible on the face of the rim. This is something that ensures broad compatibility for these wheels with several vehicles.

Currently, this rim is available in diameters of 20 and 22 inches. It is assumed that the range will see some more members.

  1. M0801 Phantom: This is perhaps one of the most aggressive wheels we have seen till now, as 2022 has just begun. Unlike most models from TIS off-road wheels, these wheels have this clunky and indestructible look that is indicative of the fact that they will be able to survive anything you throw at them!

Joking aside, these rims have 8 spokes and the lip design is an intricate pattern that looks as awesome as it sounds. The rim comes in 4 different sizes and has already witnessed significant traction in just over 2 months. It is very popular with people who own high-end SUVs as these rims are designed to take on the extra load exerted by these vehicles.

Even some pickup trucks like the Ford F-150’s many versions use this model of Moto Metal Wheels.

If you are looking for this model’s color variations, we recommend that you check out the glossy black finish with a light grey tint. It is an appealing and distinctive color, and it will surely make your vehicle stand apart in a crowd.

  1. M0970: This is one of the most exciting new launches from the company this year. It is far more attractive than many of Curva Wheels models, although the latter too is no mere pushover! The M0970 is the most affordable of the many models that Moto Metal Wheels has launched this year. That said, there is no compromise on the quality of the magnificent wheels.

These rims are available in several more sizes than the other new launches, with the smallest model being a mere 16 inches in diameter while the larger models are available in 24-inch variants. The range has been made available from a series of company-owned and third-party retailers up and down the United States for maximum impact.

Moto Metal has made this model for the masses that admire and long for quality aftermarket or custom rims without breaking the bank. It is this aspect that is reflected in the many variants and the lower price tags as well.

Regardless of whether you drive a sedan, a hatchback, a bigger vehicle or even a pickup, you will find at least one model from the M0970 family that will suit your vehicle like a glove.

2022 will see a number of additional launches from Moto Metal; however, these 3 wheels should rank at the top of your buying list!

Summing up

In case you don’t have a retailer near you that stocks Moto Metal Wheels, please visit the company’s official website. Fill in some elementary data and you will be redirected to the set best-suited for your vehicle.

It is the easiest & the most efficient way to purchase these fab rims without stepping outside!

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