The Role Of Teachers In Providing Mental Support To The Students During The Pandemic Through Online Education

Education landscape has changed significantly over the past few years at the start of the covid-19 pandemic that forced Educational Institutes to use the online educational medium through which the learning process was continued. However, in this respect it is important to highlight that there has been significant changes being made in the educational process with students now required to use technical devices such as that of Smartphones and Tablets through which they will be able to communicate with the teachers. The pandemic situation has a significant impact on the mental health of the students making most of them feel scared and isolated with the implementation of lockdown procedures by the government. as a result of which most students have been unable to perform well in the classroom as they have been unable to concentrate on their studies due to the pandemic situation. There have been several students who have also been faced with the dilemma of having their family members being affected by the disease and as a result not being able to concentrate in their regular educational process. In this situation it is important to highlight that the school system as well as the teachers have a very important role to play to provide better support to the students so that they can manage their mental health situation. It is important to highlight that initially the concept of mental health was not widely acknowledged by most schools due to lack of knowledge about the same. However, the pandemic situation has highlighted concern from different medical institutions of doctors and nurses who have highlighted the importance of providing mental health support to the students as they have been suffering from the current situation. This was further proven when schools realized through the school ERP system that most students were not performing well in the classroom and as a result the performance of more students was declining in all subjects significantly. As a result it was at this juncture that the School management along with the teachers decided to support the students through the medium of online education.

It is important to highlight that the teachers are considered to be an important Garden for the students as they help the students by mitigating their weaknesses through several strategies as well as enhancing their strengths. The teachers used the ERP for school system to assess the performance of the students over several time periods to understand who were being affected most by the pandemic situation. in this way it became easier for them to to highlight the major issues which the students were facing and develop strategies through which dis issues can be mitigated the online education system at this point played a significant role in providing support to the students by helping the teachers introduce interactive classroom sessions where instead of studies being conducted the students were asked to talk about the life that home and what new aspect there have been learning everyday. This kind of interactive session worked in favor of the students at the beginning opening up about their experiences which further made it easier for teachers to understand that the major issue was residing on. School management also started encouraging the students to take part in online activities such as drawing competitions and elocution competitions where they were encouraged to share their creativity and ideas with the rest of the classroom. These interactive methods played a significant role in improving the mental health of the students.

Effective steps undertaken by the teachers to support the students

Besides these steps undertaken by the teachers in the classroom, they also made the effort to connect personally with each student by calling them up weekly and asking about their health. This helps the students feel comfortable with the teacher and open up about the issues they are facing thereby making it easier for the Teachers to gain a better understanding of the problems at home. The teacher started sending students motivational quotes and videos through which they were provided with the necessary support that helped in increasing their motivation and encouraging them to be brave in the current climate.

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