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News of the shootings at Texas Mall spread to the United States, Canada and Australia.

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Shooting at Texas Mall

In a shooting spree at a Dallas-area mall, nine people were killed, including the shooter. Shoppers fled the area in panic to save their own lives. Seven people were declared dead at Allen Premium Outlets. Two more people were later pronounced dead at a local hospital. According to an announcement by the Allen Fire Department Chief, three people were in a critical condition and four others were stabilized. According to the Allen Police chief, an officer of the city police neutralized the suspected gunman. Mauricio Garca has been revealed as the name of suspected shooter. The raw footage of the Texas Shooting has been released and is being watched by many.

Suspect the Incident

The incident is being investigated by federal officials. They are trying determine if the suspect is interested in white supremacist ideologies. They stated the motive of the attack. Federal agents reviewed the social media accounts and found Mauricio Garca, a 33-year-old man. Garcia’s post was about his interest in white supremacists. Post also included neo Nazi views. Garcia wore a patch that read “RWDS” on his chest. RWDS stands for Right Wing Death squad. This phrase is popular among white supremacists and right-wing extremists.

Texas Mall Shooting Reddit

The proposal is to create a center to help the families of victims. The center will provide support and assistance to the victims. The center will open in Allen, Texas. The authorities have also committed to returning the vehicles left at Allen Premium Outlets to their owners. Dallas Mavericks asked the public to contact legislators about the shooting. Allen received support from the NBA, but it wasn’t enough. The NBA expressed their regret for not being able help prevent the mass shooting. The team stated that it must put their words into action. The Texas Mall Shooting Wikipedia has provided many details regarding the shooting.

The Investigation

Agents from the federal government have examined Mauricio Garca’s social media accounts because they suspect him of being responsible for this unfortunate incident. Federal agents also interviewed family members of suspect. Investigators are also looking at the financial records of Garcia and some other posts that Garcia is believed to have made.

Allen Police Chief refused, however, to answer certain questions, as the investigation is still ongoing and police have not gotten all the details. The Texas Department of Public Safety suspects Garcia of the murder of eight people. Garcia was shot again by a policeman who was in the vicinity of a suburban Dallas mall. The police are still investigating the Texas Mall Shooting Suspect.

The Reactions of the People

The people who mourned the Allen incident have done so in various ways. 100 people gathered in the Allen Outlet Mall, to pay their respects to those who were killed or injured. The mourners carried candles as a symbol of protest and grief. One of the mourners said that they never thought about such an event. They had expected to be with each other. In Allen, a prayer meeting was held in a local church. The people are praying for the souls of those who have passed. Also, they expressed their broken hearts. After this incident Vice President called on Congress to strengthen gun laws. The Texas Mall Shooting Reddit also caught the attention of international media. The public is eager to learn more about such violent acts.


The Texas mall shooting shocked everyone. Authorities have provided assistance and support to the families of the victims. The incident has caused grief among other people. Visit the link to learn more.

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