TETLIENQUAN2023 Com: Know It’s Features?

You can read exclusive reviews about the 2023 Tet Lien Quan Gaming Event that are not available elsewhere. Learn more about TETLIENQUAN2023.com.

Did you know that the nationwide LienQuan Mobiles Community big offline event chain will be held from 7th January-2023 to 15th January 2023? Garena’sLienQuan mobile gamesare well-known in Vietnam with over 50M instillations. More than 5.77 million players rate the game as a 4/5 star!

What’s more. This event offers scammers a great opportunity to steal your account information. Learn more at TETLIENQUAN2023.com

TetLienQuan2023.com –

TetLienQuan2023.com offers several promotions on a single page. TetLienQuan2023.com attempts to use the URL of Garena’s original website lienquan.garena.vn. Gamers are redirected to TetLienQuan2023.com because the spellings of both URLs are the same.

Lienquan.garena.vn has announced a major gaming event in 120 regions. It will take place in 63 provinces, five cities (Hanoi, Hanoi and Da Nang), and Can Tho. This event was launched to celebrate the new year. LienQuan members are invited to the LienQuan Mobile Community event.

Scammers took advantage of the announcement and launched TETLIENQUAN2023 Com 29 December 2022. The name of the website was deliberately chosen and included the terms ‘LIEN,’ “QUAN”, and ‘2023″. People searching for Garena’s big 2023 event on search engines end up at TetLienQuan2023.com.

TetLienQuan2023.com was last updated on 30th December 2022. TetLienQuan2023.com can be registered until the 29th of December 2023. It’s a website that is six days old and expires in eleven months and twenty four days.

TetLienQuan2023.com is legitimate:

TetLienQuan2023.com has a horrible 1% trust rate. Its business ranking is not available due to its recent registration. Hidden by paid Whois censorship, TetLienQuan2023 is not identifiable as its owners.

The TetLienQuan2023.com website is available in Vietnamese/Chinese. TetLienQuan2023.com does not provide contact information for customers. TETLIENQUAN2023.com received nil Alexa or Domain Authority scores. TetLienQuan2023.com did not specify terms of use, privacy and cookies policies.

TetLienQuan2023.com has a valid HTTPS connection. Its IP address is and it has a valid SSL certificate that will last for the next 84-days. TetLienQuan2023.com is a Japanese domain. It provides online services through three servers in China, which is a high-risk country.

TetLienQuan2023.com’s features:

TetLienQuan2023.com has announced a one month gaming event that will run from January 2023 to February 2023. Random games will be offered to gamers once they log in.

To participate in the event, the player must choose the gameplay that interests him and log in to Facebook or Garena to access the promotional offers at Tetlienquaan2023 Com.


TetLienQuan2023.com launched at the same time as GarenaLienQuan’s mobile community announced the big prize giving event with 12 prizes. TetLienQuan2023.com will be accessible to anyone who is interested in GarenaLienQuan’s official site. This will result in Garena and Facebook providing their account credentials. It is highly risky for user data. TetLienQuan2023.com scam.

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