Tennessee Police Scandal Reddit: Know Who Were Fired?

This article contains all the shocking information regarding the Tennessee Police Scandal Reddit Case and its aftermath.

What would you do if you were told about a scandal involving the police? What do you know about the Tennessee police department? After hearing that several Tennessee police officers were fired from their department, the natives of America were shocked.

Police officers were involved with a horrible crime. To find out more about the officers involved in this crime, visit the Tennessee Police Scandal Reddit page.

What were the Tennessee police officers doing? And why did this news become viral on Reddit.

Nearly eight police officers were involved with a horrible crime in La Vergne, Tennessee, which is a small community southeast of Nashville. They had been in intimate relationships. They were all on duty, which is the most alarming thing. Five male officers of the police were involved in a relationship with a female officer.

Police officers also sent explicit videos and images to one another. People started to mock them after the news was posted on Reddit. It is completely disrespectful for an off-duty officer of the police to engage in a physical relationship on government property with another on-duty officer.

What happened to the officers of the police?

According to Mayor Jason Cole’s account, five officers were fired by the Tennessee police department on Tuesday 10 January 2023 after this news spread like wildfire via social media sites Reddit and Twitter. Three police officers were also suspended.

Cole said that this was unacceptable. They took immediate action when they learned about the situation. Their top priority now is to restore the public’s trust and faith.

Is the news viral on Instagram?

We did a lot of research and could not find any information about the news on Instagram. Reddit and Twitter were the only places where this news was shared. To see the reactions of people to this sensational news, visit our section “Social Media Links”.

Who are the police officers who were fired?

One of the five police officers who were fired was a female officer, whose photos went viral online. These are the names of the police officers:

  • Maegan Hall
  • Henry Ty McGowan
  • Officer Juan Lugo-Perez
  • Lewis Powell
  • Detective Seneca Shields

Who are the police officers who were suspended?

Three officers were also suspended by the Tennessee police department. They are:

  • Officer Patrick Magliocco
  • Officer Larry Holloday
  • Officer Gavin Schoeberl

These three officers were suspended by the Tennessee police without being paid a salary.

The Final Verdict

Maegan Hall, a fired female police officer has another interesting fact. Officer Hall had been involved in these types of relationships in the department’s gymnasium.

m. Click here to see clips of police officers from Tennessee who were fired or suspended.

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