Tellcityhall Scam The Contact Details of Tellcityhall Scam

This article has been compiled with all the legitimate information about Tellcityhall Scam as well as information to protect yourself from it.

Have you been a part of polls in your town for additional surveys? We recently came across another website located in Canada where a scammer scams individuals by calling them with fake numbers and collecting their personal information.

We’ve gathered all information about the Tellcityhall scam in this article and you can scroll down to safeguard yourself and your family members from scams like this.

The Scam of Tellcityhall

TellCityHall is an analysis company that was founded in Edmonton located in Alta. It collects data on public and confidential municipalities. The company has a few polls that irritate the crowd that include carbon and cannabis taxation.

They use Random dialing to help with their research. The site also reveals its ability to serve the government as well as non-profit organizations. The general public must always be aware, particularly when it is contacted by phone or electronic questionnaires.

The Contact Details of Tellcityhall Scam

Numerous people have been able to verify the authenticity of the ring and consequently, the City has released an announcement confirming that the rings have nothing to do with Burlington. According to people in this city, they appear to be spotted at the number905-234-1298.

The legitimacy information of this website

The website’s name is There have been reports of fake calls coming from this name. According to legitimate Internet sources the credibility of the WOT of the Tellcityhall scam is unknown.

The majority of legitimate sources say that as of today, that the Domain Blocklist Status has not been discovered.

The site is not widely searched for on the internet. Therefore, the popularity index shows that the site has a low amount of traffic with a rank of 5,863,472.

The Domain was created on the date of this website has been 12 years back (2011-04-26). Based on the online research and reports, the HTTPS connection of this website cannot be valid. This is the reason why we are making the news and drawing the attention to this particular poll. The public has heard about the poll from a local citizen.

What is the reason this Tellcityhall Scam popular?

Anyone who is called through this number or any other contact claiming the identity of Tell City Hall is instructed to hang up the line. According to the information provided from the Anti-Fraud Centre of Canada, it is not advisable to trust or trust a call-to-arms show. There’s a good possibility that the ring is fraud , even if it appears to be authentic.

Important Note All the information in this article are sourced from reliable internet sources.

The Last Words

If you have received an identical phone call or message from Tell City Hall, please make it clear that the call is not an authorized administrator or employees of Burlington City Hall. Burlington. The people are asking for assistance and are spreading the word to others to inform them of the situation.

The purpose of this deceit is to gather private information, so that people believe that a survey is being conducted through Tell City Hall to know about the spread of COVID-19.

Have you received these calls? Do you have a comment to add.

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