Telescopic Slides Read It Before Shopping!

Drawers are a common part of every person’s daily life. They come in many sizes and dimensions and can be found in many household, industrial, or office furniture. There are many types of drawers. To make them work efficiently, they come with a telescopic handle that allows you to create the appropriate movement.

These devices allow drawers to be opened and closed with guided movements horizontally or vertically. These devices can be placed in everyday items such as kitchen pantry drawers or large industrial equipment in factories or processing plants.

The mechanism is made up of three parts: one that attaches to the cabinet and one that goes into the drawer. There’s also a telescopic rail, which extends and assists the drawer in moving outwards. The ball bearing is responsible for the continuous movement. It allows the parts to move in a controlled and comfortable way.

The heavy duty telescopic slides are used for industrial work. They perform the same functions as small drawer slides but at a larger scale. These telescopic slide are available in various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and steel. They are used extensively in every industry for various jobs and functions that cannot be done without them.


There are many types of telescopic loading slides. They are distinguished by their characteristics and their functions.

The following are some of the most notable:

  • Partial extension: They have two compact elements, and their travel time is shorter than their closed length.
  • They can be extended fully with three elements, and they offer a stroke equal its closed length.
  • They also have super extension, and they have four elements. The telescopic stroke can reach up to 150% of the closed length.
  • They are completely silent and can withstand loads up to 1,500 kgs. With their open lock or closed lock options, they can adapt to any need.

What do they serve?

Telescopic slides need to be rigorously tested. They must also be made with high-strength materials due to the heavy weights they are designed for and the possibility of severe weather.

You can use them for many purposes.

  • They are ideal for many tasks in the railway sector, as they resist vibrations and high loads.
  • There are many tasks that can be done in this area. They are used in industrial protection to protect against any elements that could cause damage.
  • Telescopic slides also work well in the electrical sector.
  • Automotive sector: Special adaptations are available for certain functions within any vehicle.

Features of telescopic slides

These devices are different in their characteristics and can be used for different types of work.

Folding length and extension: Depending on the model, folding lengths range from 150 to more than 2 metres and extension from a few to 3 meters.

To withstand heavy loads, reinforced material balls are added to the profiles. The slides can withstand high torque forces but retain their smoothness.

Locking systems: Some slides can have either a manual or mechanical locking system, in varying variations (open, close, combined). You can also have them fitted with ergonomic handles that make it easier to open and close the system.

Synchronized Guides – When all elements work together to maximize the displacement forces, operation is more efficient and life spans of all components is increased. It is possible with an integrated system, which perfectly synchronizes everything.

Lubrication: Depending on the operation of the telescopic, you will need to use a grease that is suitable for your operating conditions. This will have a significant impact on the performance and maintenance of your telescopic guide.

The advantages of good telescopic slide

High quality telescopic slide purchases can bring about a number of benefits that will increase productivity and performance at work.

It is worth noting:

Resistant materials: When a guide is made with cold drawn, galvanized, and tempered steel we mean a material that resists shocks and vibrations. It has high rigidity, limited bending, and is resistant to vibrations. This product is high-quality and designed for daily use.

A better quality product will last longer: You can be sure of a high-quality guide’s performance and its ability to work for many years. This extraordinary advantage can lead to significant savings as you don’t have to change the equipment constantly.

Good quality slides have a high load capacity. They are perfectly installed using highly resistant materials and can withstand heavy loads.

These advantages allow for optimization of work and help the company grow each day. These are some of the benefits of technology in the development of a company’s different functions.

This support is vital to improving many tasks any industry or company undertakes. Telescopic slides are a great option when you need a system to move objects or products.

You already know how they work and what they can do for your business.

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