Tedinad Scam (February 2022) Check Some Facts Here!

Have you gotten the real opinions of people regarding Tedinad Scam? Tedinad Scam? If so, and you are interested in seeing the resonable remarks, then read this article.

Are you scouring the Internet to discover the truth about a site? Please follow this article carefully to reach an honest conclusion.

Shopping online has become becoming more popular in recent decades, particularly during the Covid period. According to the most recent report, a variety of websites have increased their traffic by offering low-cost products. Sometimes, however, customers make purchases on an unpopular website.

In this article we’ll inform prospective buyers on the web regarding Tedinad Scam. Tedinad scam through feedback from customers in the United States and other worldwide customers.

Is Tedinad a faulty Website?

This article will discuss the points that will aid you in understanding this website in depth. Please, take note of these points with attention.

  • Owner’s information The lack of information about the founder is noted.
  • Domain Suspension Day Based on our algorithm, it will expire on the 05th of August 2022.
  • Website’s age This shop is 6 months 19 days old. we have located the date of registration as 05-08-2021.
  • Trust Rank The site has an bad,i.e.,14.5/100 trust rank.
  • Shopping Tedinad Review The site hasn’t received any reviews from the public. We also found no Trustpilot reviews about the site. However, in the YouTube channel one user asked a question about the validity of the portal. But, there are no real opinions on the site or in opposition to the site are retold.
  • trust score We removed an unsatisfactory score of 11 percent.
  • Policies A separate section that outlines the policy on refunds and delivery is not available. However, the other information about the policy is available.
  • Alexa rank It was able to achieve a 7,102,628 Alexa rank.
  • Twitter Threads We haven’t seen any social icons.
  • Address RealityThe report on Tedinad Scam suggest that a house is being constructed at the address given.

A Meeting With The Portal

Tedinad.com can be described as an online shop that sells products such as Table saws, extension cords pizza oven kits, birds feeders and mountain bike etc. Additionally, when we researched the website, we found out that it offers many benefits for customers, including free delivery and items that are within an affordable price.

Additionally, we discovered that this online store is dedicated to offering the best customer service. Let us now extract the essential information of this website in the following paragraph.

Listing of Critical Tips To Determine If Tedinad is a Scam?

  • You are able to return the item you don’t want within 30 days of purchase.
  • The site had items such as mountain bikes.
  • The address for mailing is support@tedinad.com.
  • The company is located at 3044 Pleasant Ridge Rd Summerfield, NC 27358, United States.
  • We are not able to find our delivery policies.
  • There is no contact number listed.
  • The newsletter service is offered.
  • You can also make a new purchase on the website after you return the package that you purchased.
  • The refund policy isn’t in place.
  • PayPal, Mastercard, American Express PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, etc. are all payment methods.
  • According to our investigation of the Tedinad Scam we found that the date of creation was on 05-08-2021. This suggests the fact that it was created at the age of 6 months and 19 day ago.
  • For the process of shipping it is recommended to allow 4-7 days for the shipment process.
  • You can visit the website at https://www.tedinad.com.
  • We’ve not been able to see the iconography of Social Networks on Tedinad.com.

Perks Given

  • The email address and store’s address are provided.
  • They offer the option of free delivery.
  • On the website we noticed the presence of the newsletter feature.

Illustration of the Website’s Snags

  • The site’s Trust Rank value is 14.5/100.
  • According to Tedinad reviews the policy on refunds and delivery aren’t in place.
  • We saved only one percent Trust score.
  • The consumer’s reactions to the site and Trustpilot aren’t as good.
  • The inability to find a phone number is evident.

What do consumers say about?

Our investigation was not able to gather any feedback on Trustpilot as well as the site. A customer, however, was questioned about the site’s authenticity via an YouTube video that doesn’t reveal the real face of the website. In light of the factors that were retrieved we believe it’s an insecure website.


In this article we uncover the truths about Tedinad Scam. Tedinad Scam to strip away its real-life realism. We also observed that the layout of the site is duplicated from other scam sites. But, a question from a user regarding the authenticity of the site was answered in the YouTube video, and based on that we’re unable to discuss the legitimacy of the site.

Do you have threads to Tedinad.com selling products similar to mountain bicycles? Please share your thoughts below.

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