Tax Extension Deadline 2022 {April} Check Dates & Criteria

This article details the official deadline dates that will be that are available to American citizens who are required to submit their taxes for 2021. Learn more on about Tax Extension Deadline 2022.

Are you looking to find out the deadline for filing your tax returns? Let’s learn more about the crucial dates and details to learn about this topic.

American taxpayers All over the world search for official documents and announcements regarding tax filing. They are also anticipating important dates for planning their tax filing the best way possible.

It’s a common issue that causes people to delay filing towards the end of the year, when they are considering that the tax extension deadline of 2022.

About 2022 Tax Day and Deadline

According to the official figures According to the official information, citizens have to pay the tax owed by 2021 or file for an extension before April 18 2022. April 18 was chosen as the official date over April 15, because it is the official holiday to celebrate Emancipation Day.

Additionally the taxpayers of Massachusetts and Maine must complete their tax returns on April 19th, 2022 due to that it is Patriot’s Day holiday in these two states. Furthermore the taxpayers who are requesting their tax returns have the deadline that is October 17th, 2022 according to the Deadline for Tax Files 2022.

Criteria Applicable For Taxpayer’s Extension

  • U.S citizens who are not in the country can enjoy two months of extra time to file their tax returns from the previous fiscal year.
  • Citizens who reside outside of the United States must submit the return and pay tax by using the official IRS form before the 15th day of June 2022.
  • Massachusetts residents and Maine residents are required to complete form 4868.
  • If a citizen isn’t receiving the income and is subject to scrutiny for withholding tax on income the individual can complete form 1040-NR.
  • The relevant boxes should be highlighted on the form in order to get legitimate extensions.

Tax Extension Deadline 2022

  • April 18 2022: The closing date for filing tax returns for the year 2021. Also it’s also the last day to apply for an extension.
  • April 19 2022: Last date for filing tax returns and apply for extensions to Massachusetts or Maine residents.
  • October 17th 2022: Deadline to submit citizens’ extension requests.

Tips For Easy Tax Filing

  • Sort and file the tax records from last year including identification numbers as well as social security numbers that are officially applicable for the current calendar year.
  • Check out the official IRS website for additional information regarding the Extender Tax Deadline 2022and discounts that are available to taxpayers.
  • Log in to the IRS site to get tax-related data like payments records, balances and adjusted gross income and tax records from previous financial years.
  • The IRS site users are given the option of calculating the tax amount based on the financial data for 2021.


Being a responsible person it’s essential to file tax returns for the fiscal year and pay taxes according to the official dates to avoid penalties by the IRS. To learn more about this subject, go to this page.

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