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Who’s not aware of Wordle? Wordle has caused quite an uproar around the world because of its distinctive gameplay. In addition, as people are in the game’s style and its unique features, a variety of variations and spin-offs are being released all over the world.

Developers and puzzle enthusiasts have developed Wordle that is the niche in their genre. For instance, there’s Wordle games specifically designed for NBA fans, where they have to figure out the right NBA player and their jersey number etc.

The popularity of the game has now spread to Taiwan and Taiwan Wordle, which has created their very own Taiwan Wordle game developed.

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The game’s foundation?

If you’re asking yourself why we’re discussing Phonetics and Phonetics, the answer is that Taiwan’s variant of Wordle is built around making guesses about Phonetics. Since the release of Wordle it has become very popular with users and scrabbles lovers All over the world.

Before we go to describe the game Let’s take an insight into Phonetics. In the next sections we will go into detail more regarding Taiwan Game and the differences and similarities to Wordle.

What is Phonetics?

  • For a start, Phonetics are Mandarin Phonetic symbols. They are also referred to as Zhuyin.
  • The symbols are widely used within the Taiwanese Mandarin language.
  • Additionally, they are utilized to transcribe different varieties of Chinese specifically employed for those Mandarin Chinese dialects.
  • In addition, they are employed to make Taiwanese Hokkien.
  • Additionally, they include more than 37 characters and five tone marks that are utilized to play the game.

Taiwan Wordle What are the distinctive features?

Wordle’s success and popularity Wordle has resulted in the development of various versions. One such version is Zhudele Wordle, which is the Chinese version of Wordle.

The game is built on the phonetic system, known as Zhuyin Fuhao, which is well-known in Taiwan.

A different variant, called The JNDLE is based on techniques known as Cangjie Input used to input traditional characters of Chinese. Chinese language.

The most important aspects of the game are:

  • It’s loosely based off the same game and includes the same features as Wordle created by Josh Wardle.
  • The players in the game need to identify the five letters of a Chinese telephonetic term.
  • Taiwan Game Taiwan Game also gives similar clues as of Wordle. In this game, a green-colored tile shows what is the right answer. while yellow representing the correct letter, however grey indicating an grey indicates the incorrect answer.
  • Samuel Lo and Josh Wardle developed the game, and later modified it to the version played by Cangjie, which is known as the JNDLE.

Final Conclusion

According to sources the creator of the game has a reason behind making this game is to create the phonetic equivalent of Wordle. Additionally, the game plays with exactly the same game play as Wordle as well as the Taiwan Wordle is also accessible to everyone Taiwanese and all citizens around the world.

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