Taiwan Elevator Accident More information on Taiwan Elevator Accident 2013

This article focuses on major elevator accidents in Taiwan. A recent Taiwan Elevator Accident left many people stunned. Read on to learn more.

Tell us about the worst elevator accident that you have ever witnessed or heard of. We would love to hear about your experiences. Eight laborers were killed in a Taiwan accident. This story was covered by the United States and the United Kingdom news channels. We have seen similar incidents in Taiwan in an elevator. You can continue reading our Taiwan Elevator Incident article if you’re interested in the same level. We’ve covered all details about the elevator accident.

The Report

After a month’s holiday, elevator maintenance workers returned to work last Wednesday to discover the shocking discovery that a woman had been trapped inside the lift cab since January. She was starving to death. After the men realized that the lift was broken, they found the body inside the lift.

The terrible incident in Xi’an in western China, also known as the Taiwan Elevator Accident and because it is home to China’s Terra Warriors, has sparked anger at the apparent incompetence shown by the elevator maintenance company and the building’s management.

2013 Case

It happened on Friday night. A 32-year-old Chinese lady named Hsieh and her three year old son called for an elevator when they had to descend from the seventh floor to the first floor. As soon as the door opened, the young man entered the elevator.

More information on Taiwan Elevator Accident 2013

The elevator suddenly started to move upwards and the young man was trapped between the floors. According to detectives, Hsieh tried to pull her son out when she saw his legs and head sticking out of the door. Instead, he fell down the elevator shaft into basement, and was later found murdered.

2017 Accident

A Taiwanese man, who claimed to be a doctor, got stuck in an elevator while facing forward at Ilan University. According to reports, firemen attempted to rescue him from Taiwan Elevator accident for an hour before he died. According to university spokeswoman, the elevator was constructed in 1999 and is regularly inspected. This is a frightening scene to see: A man is suddenly caught in an elevator, as the doors close on his legs.


Taiwan is at the top of worldwide elevator accidents. This article lists some accidents that occurred in Taiwan because it is a modern country with modern buildings. The search engine however can locate an endless Taiwan Elevator accident range. Could these accidents have been avoided? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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