Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken (January 2022) For One Week!

The guide gives details on this newly launched Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken that was added for a week to the menu.

Taco Bell needs no introduction because it’s a multi-national fast-food chain famous for its delicious tacos. But, there’s an opportunity for vegetarian customers of the fast-food chain as it has announced that they will add the chicken wings menu however, only for a week only.

The fast-food chain announced the latest addition to their menu for a short time, and their customers who have been loyal to them are eager to take advantage of the deals as soon as it goes live.

Customers from across the United States can sign up to become a new Taco Bell Rewards members through the app. Members will receive the free Dosas Tacos together with Crispy Taco Bell Chicken Wings from Taco Bell for a period of one week.

What’s Wings Crispy Chicken?

Beginning on the 6th January 2022 on a Thursday, and for a short time, Taco Bell consumers can buy the delicious bone-in chicken wings available at 2 pm. But, the crispy chicken is now available on the menu of a specific participating restaurant across the United States.

The menu is special and includes five chicken wings that are coated with Mexican Queso seasoning, and they’re served with the famous spicy ranch dip. The exclusive item on the menu is available at 2 pm.

Five pieces Chicken wings costs $5.99 Customers must purchase it fast because it’s available for purchase during only one week.

How do I locate Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken Near You?

To find the closest location to the offer go to Taco Bell’s official site Taco Bell and enter the zip code of the location you are looking for.

A statement has been issued in which the spokesperson of the company confirmed that chicken wings will only be sold at participating stores in America.

Customers can also follow the fast-food chain on Twitter and learn more about the restaurants and the locations in which Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is available. Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is offered with special offers and discounts.

What’s more Taco Bell Has to Offer?

In addition to the wings from chicken, patrons can also indulge in other delicious dishes on the menu throughout the week.

Customers who wish to try other foods aside from chicken wings should pick up an Fiesta Veggie Burrito, Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa and the new Island Berry Freezer drink.

Additionally, the company also introduced an online taco subscription in which customers can avail the opportunity to get daily for a free taco for up to 30 days from Taco Bell’s Wings Crispy Chicken.

People who are looking for an Taco Lover’s Pass can also purchase the pass through the site or app for an amount of $10.


Taco Bell is the fast-food restaurant that is well-known for its tasty tacos. Recently the restaurant chain revealed plans to add a brand new menu item in order to draw non-vegetarian customers.

The deal is not available for long as customers are able to grab the Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken for a week beginning on 6th January 2022 at 2pm.

In addition to the wings of chicken In addition, there are many other exclusive dishes that guests can enjoy in the restaurant. Be aware that crispy chicken wings can only be found in select places.

What would you like to add to the latest Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Wings? Do you want to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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