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Find this article for more information about Susan Roces’s siblings and other facts regarding the actress. .

Do you know that there are over 170 languages that Filipinos use? You heard it right. Filipino cinema is regarded as to be the most popular source of entertainment for Filipino people.

Reggie Lee, Fernando Poe Jr, Susan Roces, Lea Salonga, Nora Aunor and many others are among the top Filipino actors.

Recently, there’s been an article of heartbreaking news concerning the death of Susan Roces, also known as the “Queen of Philippines Films.” Check out this article about Susan Roces Siblingsto learn more about the story.

Why is she on the news?

Susan Roces was one of the best and most talented actresses in Philippine film. She was awarded many awards for her diverse acting abilities. On May 20, 2022 Grace Poe, the daughter of Susan Roces, announced her mother’s passing on social media.

She passed away aged 80 on Friday. The release reads: veteran actor Susan Roces peacefully passed away in the evening of Friday. The great actress is currently with her family and close friends. Rosemarie Sonora and Teresita Sonora are two daughters from Susan Roces.

What is the Susan Roces Cause of Death ?

The precise details or reasons behind the death of Susan Roces is not disclosed as of now. But, Susan’s cause of death may have been caused by natural causes, since she was aged 80.

The death announcement of the actress was made public by her adopted granddaughter Senator Grace Poe through her Facebook Page.

The details of her last burial and rites will be announced later. In the meantime, the film industry paid gratitude to her. Her name will be remembered for her beauty, kindness and warmth. Follow this blog as it will provide more information regarding Susan Roces’s siblings , life professional and career achievements.

More information about Susan Roces

Susan Roces is considered the first Filipino woman to be the woman of the cinema.

She has appeared in more than 100 films, and was a part of many reality television shows during her career.

The actress also gained a lot of attention in the eyes of children for playing the role of the mother in the film Cardo Dalisay in the film Ang Probinsyano.

The real title was Perificacion Levy Sonora-Poe. She was the widow of talented Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, professionally referred to by the name of Fernando Poe Jr. After the news of her death her friends and fans expressed their sentiments and affection towards the famous actress. However many are interested to know more about the facts about the Susan Roces causes of death.


In conclusion, we are able to conclude Susan Roces, titled the “Queen of Philippines”, was one of the best actors the Filipino film industry had ever. In the words of Malina Bulletin, she is an amazing grandma, daughter, mother as well as a genuine Filipina and an iconic national treasure.

Her name will be remembered for all time because of her legendary work and dedication to the business. Find out more the full story of the legend of her.

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