Superdealmall Review: What is superdealmall .store?

This page we will provide a detailed explanation of the Superdealmall Store online store in real life. What you have to do is to look over the Superdealmall Store review and get to know whether it’s an Superdealmall .Store fraud or a reputable business.

Below, you will find additional information that shows Superdealmall Store is a fraudulent website:

Contact Information

The mail address “service@barbour .com” is not connected to its domain. Most legitimate websites provide an email addresses that are linked to their domain.

Brand Misuse

The company has used Barbour as its Barbour logo for its website’s logo and name in addition to it has claimed to offer Barbour brand of products. However, it is not an associated with the J. Barbour & Sons Ltd firm or an authorized dealer of Barbour brand products. Therefore, it has abused the name brand of Barbour.

NOTE: Currently, it has abused the brand name Barbour however it could use a different brand name or modify its website’s information completely in the future because a lot of similar types of scam websites are discovered to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

It has put false social media icons located at the lower portion of its website, which redirect you to homepages of these specific social media websites when you click them, instead of redirecting you to its corporate social media profiles, pages or groups.

Copy content

The theme of the website and a lot of other information available on its site are in line with numerous scam websites. The About Us page is also like a number of suspicious and fraudulent websites.

The company has mentioned the domain name of a different websites instead of its own on its policies pages i.e. Barbour .com however, it hasn’t provided any details regarding its connection with the website. However, legitimate businesses always disclose their connections with other sister websites when they are connected to any.

Discounts and sales deals

It has posted the Barbour brand products for sale for sale at unbelievable discount prices, which is nearly impossible for legitimate retailers to sell regardless of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

You will find a variety of similar online stores that have complaints about their products’ quality, delivery times as well as their customer service.


The above facts will be a clear indication about the Superdealmall Store is a scam online store.

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Be aware that these websites are reported to change their website name and the contents of their websites at times. Therefore, the review above is based on the information available on its website at that date. If you discover any additional details other than those we’ve included in this review it means that this site has changed their information. But, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t this a suspect site.

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