Sunset Mesa Home Funeral: Know Who Are The Victims?

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A few months ago, real crime documentaries on cannibals were very much in fashion. An unreported crime occurred between 2016 and 2018. The judgement was announced by the Grand Junction, Colorado District Judge. The case is being investigated by people in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

Was this the case? Let’s talk about the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral scam.

Who were they?

This lawsuit concerns case number 20-CR00098. Megan Hess (46), former director at Sunset Mesa Funeral Home was also the main accused. Shirley Koch (69) was also the joint owner.

Who were the victims?

Megan and Koch sold the body parts of over 560 corpses. All 560 corpses were buried at Sunset Mesa Funeral Home.

What was the evidence of illegal trading?

String operations that exposed human body parts sales were increasing in 2016 and 2018. Megan Hess Sunset Mesa funeral home used to offer free cremation to the family members if they donated body parts. Megan used to charge $1,000.00 if the family didn’t want to donate the body parts.

It is illegal to sell organs of human origin that are transplantable in the USA. The sale of body parts, such as the head, hands, and legs, is not regulated by US law.

Megan and Koch from Sunset Mesa Home Funeral cut the corpse’s parts and reassembled them with other corpse parts to sell illegally. Megan later used to deliver the fakeashes of the deceased body to the families.

The scam was exposed in 2016-2018, and also covered illegal activities at other funeral homes.

What was the purpose of the lawsuit?

Megan and Koch sold illegally body parts from corpses. Megan, the former Sunset Mesa Funeral Home director, was accused of not having obtained the consent of the relatives of the deceased people buried at Sunset Mesa Home Funeral before selling body parts. Also, the charges included the cutting of body parts from the corpses.


Megan was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison and Koch to fifteen years. As the families of victims argued that 20 years imprisonment was too long, the prosecution sought to impose more severe punishments. A defence lawyer attempted to obtain a future date by stating that one of his lawyers was pregnant leave. Already, there were more than 200 people watching the video.

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