Storgap Beta Watch Scam (February 2022) Buy After Reading It!

Read this article to be aware of the Storgap Beta Watch Fraud, a common query about a website that currently offers free watches.

Are you looking to appear stylish in a simple but elegant wristwatch? Do you wish to look at websites that offer watches at no cost? If so, then go through this article to answer your questions.

In this post we’ve provided information about watches and their brand. People from a variety of countries like France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, want to find out if the offer and the manufacturer are authentic. So, read on for more information concerning this scam. Storgap beta Watch scam.

Is Storgap Beta Watch Genuine?

Here are some information about the brand. Customers will be able to have a better idea of the legitimacy of this product by reading this section.

  • Brand Name –Outcarb
  • Brand Trust Index –5 percent (which is a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Brand Age Brand Age Ten months old, when the brand’s owners launched its website on April 5, 2021.
  • Brand Ranking in Alexa 624,878 which is an average grade. This rank suggests that a lot of users have visited the brand’s website in recent times. The most likely reason could be their freebie which is a way to confirm your opinions regarding this scam. Storgap BetaWatch scam.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews The designers haven’t provided an area for customers to write reviews about purchases.
  • Social Media Linking –The site of the brand contains an advertisement YouTube video YouTube. But, there are no social media links apart from this.
  • The authenticity of Contact Information The address on the site of the brand is not part of the brand as according to the web. It is instead an investment firm. Additionally, no phone number is displayed on the site.

The evidence we collected makes the brand look to be suspicious. However, we are not able to provide any specific information about Storgap Beta Watch Scam because it’s relatively new.

What is Storgap Beta Watch?

Storgap Beta Watch is a wristwatch collection that is sold via OTR and Outcarb. It is comprised of an textured metallic band as well as an analog-looking dial. The makers have released the concept with beta testing starting on January 20, 2022. They are currently offering free samples of the product to more than 120 countries around the world.


Note the features of manufacture of this watch.

  • Cost of Product The initial cost was $150, however it’s free to use as an opportunity to try it out. This is a crucial aspect to consider when your decision to go with Storgap Beta Watch scam. Storgap Beta Watch Scam.
  • Case material and TypeStainless steel with black brushed texture
  • Shape and Size of Case –Round; 40 mm
  • The Thickness of Case –8 mm
  • Dial Type and Color –Analog; Black
  • Detailing of DialMarkers and hands in black color
  • Texture and Material of Strap –Stainless steel with black-colored mesh
  • Interchangeability of Strap – Possible
  • Glass Type – Hardened
  • Standard of Water Resistance– IP64
  • Power Supply– Battery


Check out the benefits of purchasing this product.

  • The appearance of the watch is elegant. It is therefore ideal for those who wish to dress in a casual way to work.
  • The bright color of the dial helps you see the time in a short amount of time.

Cons Regarding Storgap Beta Watch Scam

You should find some unfun facts regarding this wristwatch.

  • A few customers from the current generation might not appreciate an analog clock. This is due to the fact that the digital dial has many options in addition to the time.
  • The water resistance standard that this watch meets is IP64. It protects the watch from splashes only and not from intense jets or submersion. Therefore, the wearer must remove it prior to showers or swimming.

Storgap Beta Watch Reviews

We were unable to find any reviews of this item on Reddit as well as Quora. However, we did find some comments on other products from the same manufacturer on these platforms concerning this Storgap Beta Watch scam. For example in the Reddit thread on Outcarb watches there are a lot of users who have commented that the shipping price is excessive. Some buyers believe they are buying authentic.

A different review on Quora states that the free offer is not real since the brand is responsible for shipping costs in order to offset the cost of the product. However, a customer has stated that she believes it’s legitimate. Overall there are mixed opinions on this product.


The website’s questionable reputation and the negative reviews suggest that this product and its services are suspect. However, we are unable to declare Storgap Beta Watch Scam because there are a variety of opinions.

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