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Are dogs troubling you? Are you afraid of dogs biting? provides solutions for your dog’s problem. People from all over the world are suffering because of dog bites. In Brazil, they started using the products and got a good result. Do you want to use the anti-stray paste for the dogs? Then, continue reading the Reviews article. It provides all Stopdog marketing legitimacy details and other specifications of the website.

About the website

StopDog is recently registered in online marketing for selling anti-stray paste for dogs. In the town or any place, stray dogs are scrouged. The bites of stray dogs are very dangerous. It may cause various diseases. The diseases are echinococcosis, rabies, tetanus, mange, and so on. So, to protect us from the risk of stray dog bites, Stopdog introduced anti-stray paste.

The paste is painless, and the stray dogs quickly die within 5 minutes. Are you surprised by these details? Read more for the Is Legit and website specification in below.

Website specification of

  • Type of Website: Online anti-stray dog paste marketing website.
  • Products NameDog Killer (500 baits)
  • Product URL:
  • Website created date25th August 2022
  • Website Expiration date: 25th August 2023
  • Product cost: Regular selling price at Eur €
  • Email ID support:
  • Stopdog Address: 77 Rue Principale, 57430 Willerwald, France
  • Contact support: +33 7 57 69 08 01
  • Shipping Policy:   2 to 3 days in GLS delivery and 24 hours in DHL delivery.
  • Product Delivery: Shipping only in Europe
  • Shipping Time: 0 – 1 day for processing and 2-3 days for transit.

More Reviews,

  • Delivery Charge: Delivery charges for the United Kingdom are €6.76 and for Ireland €8.37.
  • Return Policy: Return policy takes 30 days only. 
  • Cancellation Details: Cancellation within 24 hours before product shipment.
  • Refund Policy: 5 to 10 business days
  • Exchange details: Not mentioned
  • Tracking details:  Send to customers through the mail.
  • Mode of Payment: Secured transactions with Amex, Apple Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.,

Positive facts

  • The is not charged shipping costs for wrong or damaged product returns.
  • The website delivers the product within 0- 1 day.
  • The website has secured HTTP internet protocol.
  • The store address, customer care number, and maid id are available.

Negative facts decide Is Legit?

  • The website owner name and other data were hidden.
  • The website spam and other threat score were not able to find.
  • The website applies shipping charges. website’s authenticity details

  • Domain Age: The website is very recent.
  • Trusted Score: The website has a 1% of the bad trusted score.
  • Ranking in Alexa: Alexa Global ranks are unavailable, and Reach is not public.
  • Social media associations: Not found any links.
  • Website link Safety: The website has safe HTTP and SSL rules.
  • Contact Numbers: Customer care support number available.
  • Email ID: support id of is available.
  • Reviews from Customer: Found star ratings and good reviews.
  • The website owner’s particulars: No owner details were found.
  • Content copy: Found Copied data in most of the sections.
  • Return Policy: Accepts.
  • Exchange details: Not mentioned.
  • Privacy policy: website’s secrecy information is available.

The above details are found in reliable websites to know the trustworthiness of the Stopdog website. Continue reading till the end for more Stopdog website customer reviews.

More about Customer Reviews 

StopDog is recently registered in online marketing for selling anti-stray paste for dogs. This anti-stray paste is very effective and useful for people suffering from dogs. The Stopdog is a new website, no reach. Found positive Reviews and comments. And also found very good star ratings on the stopdog official website. Customers are happy with the product and service the stopdog website provides. There are no online reviews and no social media association links found against website. The website spam and threat score were not found.


We conclude that the website is an anti-stray paste marketing. The website has a very good star rating and reviews only on the official Stopdog website. The Stopdog website has no reach and no popularity. The Stopdog website has a 1% trusted scoreThese Reviews advises you to analyze more about the stopdog website.

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