Stewart Rhodes Net Worth Before Arrest: Where Is Stewart Now?

Stewart Rhodes’ net worth is impressive. He earned the majority of it as the founder of Oath Keepers. See his career earnings.

Stewart Rhodes, a former American lawyer who has been disbarred. He is also a gun rights activist, anti-government and militia leader who co-founded Oath Keepers back in March 2009.

Rhodes and 10 other Oathkeepers were charged in January 2022 with subversive conspiracies for their role in the coup d’etat attempted in 2021 by the United States.

The Prosecutors then sought a sentence of 25 years, with a terrorist sentencing enhancement. Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in May 2023. This is the longest sentence ever given to any of those charged with conspiracy.

Stewart Rhodes Net Worth Before Arrest

Stewart Rhodes founded Oath Keepers. He has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million, according to many sources.

Oath Keepers, an American anti-government far-right militia whose leaders have been convicted for violently disagreeing against the government of the United States.

Stewart Rhodes’s multiple works have preserved a large fortune.

Rhodes’s biggest gains have come from his involvement in Oath Keepers. Rhodes’s actual wealth cannot be calculated as he hasn’t revealed any financial information to tabloids.

Stewart Rhodes Earnings and Achievements

Stewart Rhodes’ impressive bank account is the result of his many professions. He was not only the founder of Oath Keepers but also held other professions.

Rhodes studied political science at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He used to earn money by parking cars.

In 1998, Rhodes received his degree and began to work as an assistant for Republican Congressman Ron Paul. In 2001, Rhodes attended Yale Law School.

In his final year, he was also awarded for his research on the classification of enemy combatants during George W. Bush’s presidency. In 2004, Rhodes received his degree.

Stewart Rhodes has worked as an attorney in several western states of the United States.

Rhodes then worked as a clerk for Michael D. Ryan. Stewart, a lawyer in the United States, worked for various states of the west. Stewart’s career as an attorney ended on December 8, 2015. He was disbarred from the Montana Supreme Court.

Rhodes was disbarred after refusing two bar complaints filed against him by the federal district courts of Arizona. He violated the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct.

As a lawyer he could have earned as much as $12,336 per month. This is the average salary of an attorney in the United States of America.

Where is Stewart Rhodes now?

Stewart Rhodes, along with nine other Oath Keepers were arrested for seditious conspiracies. After a nine-week court trial, Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs, were found guilty of insurgent conspiracies and evidence tampering with regards to the attack on the United States Capitol, which occurred on January 6, 2021.

Their conviction was also the first seditious conspiracies conviction since 1995. Stewart received 18 years in prison on May 25, 2023.

Stewart Rhodes received 18 years in prison.

Rhodes is now in jail. Soon, we will provide you with additional information about Rhodes.

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