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This article provides details about the services provided by and also provides other information.

streaming music is without doubt the most popular and largest way to listen to music today. While physical music players like cassettes and CDs continue to be produced, their appeal has decreased dramatically.

Thanks to the popularity of streaming music, it is now more accessible than ever before. It is no longer necessary to search for CDs of their favourite artists, and all music from around the world is now available to the public. is a site which provides a variety of services that are connected to music streaming applications.

Users from BrazilChileMexico and those in the United States are interested in learning more about its capabilities and features, so read on.

What’s Spotify?

The ability to stream music is a result of convenience on the web. Certain platforms and services allow an array of old and the newest streaming music.

In the midst of these websites, Spotify is one of the top brands. The majority of users are familiar with its name because it’s a hugely successful service and has a large number of active users. offers stats on the amount of time you listen on Spotify.

A Few Specifics about Spotify

  • Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon are the co-founders of this streaming service.
  • The streaming audio and media service was launched in 2006 and is now the largest name in the business.
  • Spotify is the most popular global streaming music service, with millions of active users.
  • The company was founded in Sweden and has its headquarters at Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The service was launched professionally in 2008, and has grown exponentially since then in the subsequent years.
  • The services of will be useful if you’re seeking to gain analysis of your streaming or music listening habits.

What are the Stats for Spotify?

  • They refer to your listening habits to music and your activities with Spotify.
  • These numbers and statistics are calculated based on the information gathered from all artists, albums, and tracks you’ve listened to during the specified time.
  • You can get results that are similar to your most-listened-to-track or artist.
  • You can learn about your preferred type of music or your favorite artists, and so on.
  • Additionally, you’ll get details regarding how much time of streaming you’ve spent.

Info About

  • This site offers a way of creating your Spotify listening stats, as we’ve mentioned earlier.
  • The website provides complete statistics on your habits of listening, custom charts, insight into your favourite music as well as many other services.
  • It is important to note that there’s some risk in the use of this application as users have made comments regarding a potential leak of data however, there’s not evidence to suggest that this site is associated with it. Therefore, use the app on your own responsibility. Learn more about the user’ feedback here.

The Final Verdict

Spotify is among the most well-known music streaming applications. Users can learn about their habits of listening through using a website which is gaining popularity. We’ve provided all pertinent information above.

Do you have a view about the services provided by How long have you been listening to tracks on Spotify? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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