Star Caller Scam {April 2022} Check About A Vishing Crime

Star Caller scam includes details on ID spoofed calls that is used to defraud people using shared scams that have occurred in certain countries.

Are you aware of specifics of spoofed phone calls? The department of crime control in Singapore is releasing an advisory to people against fraud through fake calls. Similar cases have been reported earlier in other countries such as Canada and in the United Star Caller Scam States and The United Kingdom.

In this type of fraud it is common for scammers to use VoIP technology to shield their identity as well as save the cost of an international call. The police say that victims get calls from a phone number that has the prefix +65. This is that it is an international phone number.

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Vishing in Star Call:

The practice of making telephone calls made by scammers to defraud people is referred to as Vishing. Phishing is a vast region since all criminal activity that involves cybercrime to defraud individuals falls under this.

Scammers employ caller ID fraud technology to deceive the number and safeguard their geographical location. VoIP lets scammers use the internet’s infrastructure for low-cost calls without the need for expensive devices.

According to one report scammers attempt to create the appearance of government officials in order to steal the details of victims. A total fraud worth $125m was observed in the year 2019 under the guise of vishing.

Star Caller app for Phishing Criminals

The app that is the star is among the top tools that scammers use to attack victims from Germany as well as India. Since the technology isn’t expensive and conceals the location, fraudsters make use of call centers to commit the crime in a systematic manner.

Identity fraud is carried out using the Star application.

  • Making a fake appearance as a government official the most frequent identity fraud committed by fraudsters.
  • They may declare themselves as customers and seek cash from banks or financial institutions.
  • They could also serve as IT support staff to collect important data from the client.

Star Caller App Star Caller App can be described as a powerful tool for cybercriminals to carry out the smuggling activities across different regions of the globe.

A recent instance in Vishing from Singapore:

The police department has advised the Singapore citizens to remain vigilant in the face of fake calls. The police say that according to their department one victim received a message from a bank employee and was requested to provide specifics as they were investigating the possibility of money laundering.

The number has the prefix +65, which signifies it is an international call. They also demanded the OTP along with other bank details to verify the account.

Information sought by scammers for Singapore Star Caller Scam:

In the Singapore investigation, the fraud bank official passed the message to Commercial official department to file police complaints. The victim was able to communicate with the fake officer via the WhatsApp the messaging service.

The officer requested personal information such as identity cards and pictures to be able to register the investigation. In some instances, fraudulent victims also received a notice from a police department confirming the victim of their crimes.

Last verdict

Based on research conducted online and internet research, the following is the latest instance in the vishing and the victims were later informed that their contact information changed and the funds were removed. Police in the area have stressed that no organization will ever request personal information.

It is important to be vigilant and beware of any star caller scam. Victims of the caller scam are encouraged to share their experiences in the comment section below.

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