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Are you a fan of music and use Spotify often throughout both the United Kingdom and the United States? Have you thought about the genres that your music tastes are? Have you ever thought about what artists you like the most? Darren Huang developed an unofficial Spotify Unwrapped application for this purpose and also launched an online version at

Utilizing the web-based popularity of Darren Huang, Spotifypiechart comcame up!


In the midst of the trending news about Spotify Unwrapped, Spotify Unwrapped application and Darren Huang’s site gaining a huge following over the last few days, Darren Huang has created an Pie Chart showing the taste of music lovers and users are eager to see an image of the artists and genres they enjoy listening to.

The visual representation was popularized in the Spotify Pie Chart. It is evident from customer habits that the majority of users attempt to visit the website of Darren Huang to see his Pie Chart at least once. Therefore, the ‘Spotify Pie Chart’ has been frequently looked up nowadays.

Utilizing this advantage, Spotifypiechart com was registered using keywords that would place the site on the first outcomes of the Google search. However, is a Scam.

The credibility of has a shabby Trust Score of 1, 42.8% business ranking and a zero Alexa rating, which suggests that it’s not a legitimate site. However, it’s possible that its rank will improve over time since it’s only a few days old. doesn’t count as a secure site since it is using the sole HTTP protocol. Its IP is protected by an SSL certificate that is will be valid for the next 88 days, however all browsers are not able to believe in it with respect to its SSL certificate. received a score of 40% for its suspicion profile 17% on malware and 8% on spam as well as 41% for the threat and phishing profiles, which suggests that it is a security risks for users’ devices and personal information.

Features of was launched and registered today, on the 8th of June 2022. It’s valid for one year, until 8th June 2023. This means it has the potential for a shorter life span. There aren’t any terms of usage or other policy-related content available on

The owner of the website and their contact details are censored. Customer service email address and phone number is not listed on

What is the process behind how function? does not display any Spotify Pie Charts or data. Instead, it functions like a Google search engine that provides its criteria and options. Three options are available on which include:

  1. Market Data,
  2. Report and
  3. Servicetitan estimates.

The three links all redirect visitors to sponsored hyperlinks as well as websites. The websites and links closely match the search options that are default.

Conclusion: did poorly on the Trust Index, Business Ranking and Alexa Score. Like a typical new website it is likely to improve its position in the future. is registered with certain words in the URL in order to get visitors who are not familiar to the Darren Huang’s web site. Therefore, Spotifypiechart com is a Scam. Four reviews on the website also suggest the similar.

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