Sportscaster Fred Hickman Twitter: What’s Fred’s Cause for Death?

This article explains why Fred Hickman, Sportscaster Twitter is trending and other facts about his passing.

Have you ever heard the sports broadcast on radio? What year was it first broadcast and who started it? People used to listen to the broadcast when television wasn’t so popular. It is possible to hear the broadcast at that time.

You might also be familiar with the person who broadcast a first sports broadcast. Fred Hickman is his name. He is currently trending on Twitter and the news. Let’s search Sportscaster Fred Hickman Tweet to find out why.

Why is Fred Hickman so popular on Twitter?

Fred Hickman, who was the first broadcaster and anchor on CNN, has been trending on Twitter since his passing. Due to liver cancer, he died on October 16th at age 66. CNN confirmed the news via Sheila Hickman, her widow.

Hickman was instrumental in the creation of two major cable networks. He also influenced generations of sports journalists and fans. Hickman’s show, “Sports Tonight,” first aired June 1, 1980 with Nick Charles at 11 PM ET sports. He also worked for Turner Sports for over 21 years.

What’s Fred’s Cause for Death?

Fred Hickman, 66, died Wednesday at a Kissimmee hospital. The Hollywood Reporter was informed by his wife Sheila that he had died. Cancer was the cause of his death. He was diagnosed with cancer after he had finished his book and started a podcast.

Information about Fred Hickman’s Obituary

Although his Obituary details have not been revealed, many of his friends shared condolences via various social media platforms. Below are the links to the social media accounts.

Fred Hickman’s Biography

Frederick Hickman was a Springfield, Illinois native. He was born on October 17, 1956. Famous American broadcaster, Frederick Hickman was an anchor, editor and sports host for many news channels including CNN, ESPN, YES Network and Black News Channel.

In 1978, he graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He was also a well-known co-host on the Sports Tonight show in 1980. He was also awarded the New York Sports Emmy Award 2004 and CableACE awards 1989 and 1993. Fred Hickman’s Parents were George Henry and Louise Winifred Hickman.

Spouse Details

Fred Hickman married Sheila Bowers Hickman on July 7, 2007. Two children were born to the couple, Mack and Gabrielle.

Career Details

Hickman began his career as a news anchor for KLWW, an Iowa radio station in Cedar Rapids. After graduating from college, Hickman returned to Springfield, Illinois where he worked for WFMB-AM.

He used to perform country music here. At 22 years old, he was appointed sports director and anchor at WICS-TV in Springfield. He worked there until May 1980.

In 1980, he joined Turner Broadcasting System, an emerging cable television company, in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of a 4-person sports department, he worked alongside Nick Charles at Cable News Network (CNN).

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Fred Hickman, a well-known sportscaster, died Wednesday at a Kissimmee hospital. He succumbed to liver cancer, which was discovered in February. Find out more about him.

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